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{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

Before using the ID, I thought I’d check to see I could access the ID.
My test below comes up empty. Any ideas on what I’m missing? Thanks.

Thank goodness!! :sweat_smile: @marksrunge
It’s the little details that are important! Thank you for all of your support, patience, and perseverance as I try to construct one of the most flexible and useful calendar plugins on the market.

What are the big features again?

  • Timezone aware FullCalendar Element

  • Timezone aware Timeslot Generator

  • availability Generator

  • schedule coordinator

  • Oauth with Google

  • Google Calendar

    • share your calendars
    • complete all CRUD actions with your calendar

yes. this isn’t how you access the ID of an event you are trying to create. that is how you would access the Event ID (not the resource ID) of an event that already exists in your DB.

you want to use this

the editor from this video

what you are trying to do in essence is spoken out like this

when i select a time on the calendar, save the clicked event’s event ID into this temporary state. now that i’ve saved the ID into the state, let me continue creating this event and assign the start and end time and, oh yeah, thank goodness Bubble’s backend will automatically assign a unique ID that i can use as this events ID when it’s added to the calendar.

you use the Event ID to modify events in your backend.

Thanks. Got it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for this @jared.gibb, the updates are appreciated :slight_smile:

Are we able to manage settings for the displays ourselves? I’d like to change them to the day (i.e. Mon, Tues) instead of the date if possible :slight_smile:

Also with the tooltips - I enabled it to check it out but it doesn’t seem to ‘toggle’. Should it just appear on hover and disappear when you unhover. I can’t seem to make is disappear, even when I change view :slight_smile:

And when I click on the ‘more’ it doesn’t show the entire list - did it used to?

I also got this error, but I’m not sure what I clicked to get it. I did clear it and click around seeing what triggered it but can’t seem to replicate it at the moment.

And lastly (sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) - Here’s my workflow set up to hand event dragging. It works if the event is clicked and dragged to another time frame - but the event isn’t returning then I drag the bottom edge of an event to extend the time. Workflow fires but no event data is being picked up so essentially nothing happens (doesn’t know what event to modify)

i just pushed a fix and some changes. so

here is the new formatting area.
you can set it here

i am only experiencing this issue on mobile/touch devices. i am working on a solution for this but it’s not an easy fix just yet.

it did. then i broke it. then i fixed it with the latest update!

so i got rid of those 3 properties.

attention breaking change

changed end/start/id no longer exist.

any changes to an event will be seen through the Modified event state here

i must’ve broken something but my latest test showed this to work using the modified event property.

please update and try again. so sorry for the hassles here.
this is the latest update from 5 minutes ago with the aforementioned fixes.
Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 10.36.35 AM

I am also starting to add a lot more documetnation around all of the properties. will probably come out with a gitbook soonish hopefully but am working on kinks with this plugin and an educational app on the side which will subsequently result in the release of an ‘educational charts’ plugin :laughing:

Thanks so much @jared.gibb :slight_smile:

My laptop has a touch screen so maybe that was the issue (although I used a mouse click to initialise)? But I’ve unticked it for now as I don’t ‘need’ it - was just checking it out :slight_smile:

Ran the update and everything displaying and behaving as it should now :slight_smile:

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I’ll check out your app and the settings. I actually can’t get tooltips to appear on my iPhone, only when doing mobile preview on chrome while using my Mac

Can you tell me more about your setup? The tool tips work as expected on my end. I’m using a MacBook with chrome.

I just found something else in the day of the week settings. I have it set to Sunday (I think??)


But it’s showing Monday as the first day.



Are weekends displayed at all? The 21st was a Monday for me.

This is what one of my tester looks like right now

Check this page to verify

On the test page Monday is first - but about 2 minutes ago Sunday was displaying first on my real page…now it’s back to Monday :sweat_smile:

Timezone issues I’d imagine. Weird. I can fix that up! Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll have that fixed up ASAP. Super strange though and hard to diagnose from here.

Thanks @jared.gibb :slight_smile:

To help me figure this out, I’m going to update the code to output a console log. I’ll update your app
But will need you to take some screenshots for me

Yep no probs at all :slight_smile:

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Hey @equibodyapp, sorry for the troubles. Please check your DM for an update and further questions.

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This should be working now.

I have updated so that the default day is 7. oddly enough the calendar documentation says 0 should be Sunday, but when doing some testing, it seems that 7 works better for some reason unknown to me yet.

so, please come back and check out this page again and let me know what it looks like for you.

Hi Jared. I may have reported this issue before but lost track of it.
Please check the screenshots below. Thanks.

There is a setting in the initialize calendar workflow to block this behavior. It’s on of the last boxes your can check

“Click day to view day”

Wow! that was a very quick reply. Many thanks. That sorted out the issue.
I have another weird issue as well but before I report it I’ll make sure it’s not of my doing.

sure thing! I"ll be around for a little longer before signing off for the day!

i made some changes in the last day to deal with a weird thing where Monday was displaying first instead of Sunday. some other minor tweaks.

Lemme know if you cant sort it out or if you just want a hand!