Plugin / Function to introspect a data object?

When logging actions on workflows for monitoring purpose, I often need to review the data that was changed. If the data object has 20 fields or more I need to create a log with all these details one by one.

Instead I am hoping there’s maybe a plugin that can return the data object and its fields as a text, ideally JSON format.

Is there such thing?

You should be able to do that with the :format as text command which you can perform on a list of things or a thing.
In there you can insert the values of the thing dynamically and then send it via a connected API or email

An example here:

Sorry I don’t see the option to :format as text on a database element.

I see now your edit:
Seems I can get this :converted to text when I transform the object into a list. Anyway I still need to lay out each data field as a dynamic text. I was looking at some action that would do that for me, so I don’t have to manually name each new field and its content.

I posted an idea on ideaboard: :introspection action on a data element | Bubble