Plugin "General" Tab Settings Get "Wiped" When Sync'ing With (Pulling From) GitHub

The subject line says it all…

I noticed that when I sync a plug-in with GitHub from a plug-in’s Settings tab, the changes made in the General tab don’t get pushed to GitHub. Oddly, the repo IS altered/updated, but it says zero files have changed.

The worst part is that when changes made to other files outside Bubble are subsequently “pulled” into Bubble, the General tab settings are overwritten with “nothing”.

I thought I was losing my mind because I was certain I had updated the General settings, but I eventually realized they were getting wiped whenever other changes are pulled into Bubble from the repo.

So the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. In Bubble, update a plug-in’s settings in the General tab (icon, description, etc.)
  2. In Bubble, click the Sync with GitHub button in the Settings tab.
  3. Note that a commit is created with 0 (zero) changes and that Bubble (incorrectly) claims that it’s up to date with the GitHub repo.
  4. On local machine, edit some plugin JS code and push changes to GitHub.
  5. In Bubble, click the Sync with GitHub button in the Settings tab (again).
  6. Note that the changes made locally ARE pulled correctly, but the changes made in the General tab (in step 1) are wiped.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I think this issue can be distilled down to the following…

When the Synchronize with GitHub button is clicked, any changes made in a plug-in’s General tab are not “pushed” to GitHub, but the most recent version of the settings in the repo is “pulled” from GitHub.

That means that during a sync, any changes made in the General tab are overwritten by whatever is in the repo.

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