Plugin giving General Warning of Slowdown in Testing mode

Hi all. A newb post.

I have just developed my first plugin to calculate checkdigit using Luhn algorithm for my app use.

While using in my test environment I noticed that Chrome development console gave me a warning as follows:

Error - General warning - Using plugins in testing mode can considerably slow down your application as they are not cached. You should only use a test app to test plugins.

How can I resolve this?

Test mode bypasses minification and requires no publishing. You could just keep using your app as the destination for test mode — it’s not really a huge deal. The log message is simply informational.

If you want to get rid of it, use some OTHER free app as your test destination. Then authorize your real app for the plugin.

Note you’ll have to publish the plugin to get updated versions in your authorized app (as you’d expect).

Thanks Keith. I have managed to republish without the TESTING status. I just have to remove the “test app” designation in the “Version and License” tab.