[PLUGIN] - Google Maps Geometry/Drawing + W3W

Instead use image I tried put a element (w3w map) in the repeating group and trigger draw shape in current cell informations. No sucessfull but I think is the best way to dev. something like that.

Actually that should work, you can put the map element into the cell and as long as you can reference each shapes coordinates it should draw fine. Check in the dev console and see if you get any errors. Off the top of my head, I’m not sure how you the drawing tools will function. When I get a few moments I’ll try it on a test page. You may want consider loading resources if doing it this way.

Hi Paul @pork1977gm , we’re looking for functionality to retrieve zipcodes from within a traced polygon area and came across your tool. Does this plugin support that? Thanks!

Hi @bidlist

You can do this, but you first need to get all the coordinates for every zip code in the US stored in your database. Once you have that, then the “Contains location” action will be able to use the associated polygon to the zip file to see if it’s within the boundaries of the polygon that you have drawn on the map.

There is a table somewhere in my demo page called “Test Coordinates” which has a few rows of what that data will look like. You’ll have to download/source the data yourself from somewhere like this - US Zip Codes Database | Simplemaps.com


Awesome, we’ll look into that. Thanks for the quick response!


If you are still having doubts about buying it, do it! This is the most complete plugin that currently exists on the bubble market for a map. The features are amazing not to mention Paul’s support. He answers your questions immediately, helps you set up and more! It basically added three core features for me in just three hours! Does anyone else do this? I do not believe!

Finally got a doc page created for this plugin.

In the map element, there’s 91 states, 57 events, 67 actions.


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Hi @pork1977gm , I am uploading a geoJSON file and it is loading in the map as well. Now I want to get the shape Id of that selected shape while I uploaded.

How can I do it?

Hi @devrajsinghshekhawat

When you have shapes inside the geoJSON file and they’re drawn onto the map, they don’t draw in the same way as a standard shape would when using the drawing tools or the draw shape actions so there is no shape ID. But you should get the state called “GeoJSON feature” populated once you’ve clicked on one of the shapes.

There’s a couple of ways of adding geoJSON to the map, you have the “Load GeoJSON” action and the “Load Deck layer” action. Both have different advantages over one another, if you can give me the actions that you’re using and what it is you’re trying to do then I can give you some info.


Hi @pork1977gm ,
I am uploading files and merging them, but when I want to save the coordinates of the merged shape then it is saving the last drawn shape coordinates.
Basically what I am building is that user will upload zip code files then from those files user will create territory zones (can select list of zip codes to create a territory zone) and then from multiple territory zones user will create a single territory. And finally user can see all territory in the map. This is all I want. How can I do it. Can you guide me its been a week I am stuck in this.

thank you

I’m a bit confused, sorry!
Can you send me a few screenshots of what you have going on (PM me) and I’ll try and help you do what you need to. There was a few updates made to the “load geojson” action the other day which may help.