Plugin: Iconify by pticon

Hello @rico.trevisan ,

Apparently bubble used my email Alias as the name, that’s why you could not have find me as @pticon. But here we are. Thank you for using this plugin and let me take a look on your points (CSS/JS Timing + best practices - #9 by rico.trevisan)

  1. I’ve just create new thread dedicated only to Iconify plugin (as you can see, please let’s continue our chat here)
  2. Since all over Iconify website the creators mention v. 1.0.7, am using this one. Honestly I had no clue, the v.2 exists and what I found, even documention is not backward compatible, so I can try at least what will happen once I change the JS source and I will test it when I will have enough time (I did not touch this plugin since it fulfilled my personal requirements)
  3. Surely I can upgrade even the API, this update came after creation of this plugin
  4. I just found out, even the Demo page link is set in plugin, there is no link on plugin page, so here it is ( You can see there I do not recommend using this plugin in repeating groups, because the behaviour is unpredictable even though this plugin works well in RGs on my demo page and either in my project (not published yet). I was not even able to reproduce the issue on 100%, it happen sometimes while calling icons from nested/refrenced tables.

  5. Regarding to the BUG you have, how do you call the Icons? Because clearly the text comes empty to the properties.icon.
  6. Timing is bit complicated when writing the bubble plugin (Loading Data - Bubble Docs) . I’ve spent lot of time by searching how it works and did not found any answer. Bubble promises when the plugin expects data, it fires asynchronous action, but honestly, I feel like it does not work and I’m not the only one.

Because I’m not the real developer (I’ve learned JS basics just to write this plugin) I’m opened to any suggestions about the code. This is also the reason, why the code is Open Source.

2. JS cannot be replaced, all Icons disappear, so it’s really incompatible.
3. API cannot be upgraded because it impacts the behaviour (I did a quick test), so I’ll let it as it is and try to upgrade it once I’ll have more time to dive in.

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