Plugin Idea: Pull to Action

To my uninspired seeking to be inspired plugin builders:

I humbly ask you to develop a dynamic “pull to action” plugin with dynamic workflows. This is something that stock bubble can’t do, tho most native websites have this functionality built in. every social app ever does this.

It’s usually referred to as “pull to refresh” however in this instance, we’re not just trying to refresh the browser page.

Pull to Action would be anchored to a specific group via unique ID, or possibly to the very top of a repeating group. Once pulled, we’d be able to run a custom workflow.

The cool thing is that it wouldn’t really need any animations or anything fancy. Just the ability to pull & workflow.

This already exist. There’s a lot of “swipe” plugins.

thanks for the feedback, but this isn’t a swipe plugin. pulling requires a gesture on the group that you’re pulling it down.

a swipe animation has zero visual feedback and is nowhere near as intuitive!

I’ve probably used every single swipe plugin on the marketplace to date

off-topic but even the best one, arguably zeroqode, has its flaws.

you can probably get this functionality with a the drag and drop plugin…use a very small dropzone just underneath the group to pull down…IDK if that would work or not, just throwing out an idea

I think i see where you’re going with it, crafty. i’ll try it out and will report back, thank you