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Hi Renato!

Need help with your plugin.

Here’s the logic which I would like to implement.
I need to extract the values of inputs of RG and then save them in DB (within one WF).
However it only works with within two WF (extract values and then save them)

Is there any way to do that within one WF?

Hey @ai-pro007 ,

Check the plugin documentation: Bubble-essential-plugins | Bubble Editor

You have to use the Get Values action to perform the calculation, and the “Values” event to perform an action when the calculation is finished. You can save to database as an action on this event.


So, i figured it out.
The thing is you need to schedule the get values of text for some seconds (like i did on the second screen)

Actually, the correct way is to use the Values event. Check my first message above and the plug-in documentation :slight_smile:

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