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[Plugin] Introducing Hyvor Talk Comments for Bubble

Hi all :wave:,

I’m Supun, the founder of Hyvor. I’m super excited to introduce the Hyvor Talk comments plugin for Bubble.

Hyvor Talk is a commenting system for websites with some cool features like real-time comments, voting, reactions, ratings, user notifications, etc. Simply, it helps website owners create an engaged community on their websites.

We have worked this week on creating a plugin to make it easy to embed Hyvor Talk comments on Bubble applications. We have just released our new plugin (MIT licensed) on the Bubble Marketplace.

You can easily set up the commenting system on your website, and also connect Bubble login using Single Sign-on (Thanks to Bubble’s powerful server-side actions). Users of your application can comment on your application without creating new accounts.

We have a clear step-by-step guide for you on how to do this:

:point_right: Adding Comments to Your Apps with Hyvor Talk

By default, Hyvor Talk requires users to have a Hyvor account to log in and comment. However, as we have mentioned above, you can also set up Single Sign-on to connect Bubble login with Hyvor Talk. It requires a business subscription, and we are offering an exclusive discount for the first 30 bubble users for our business (500k pageviews) plan. Use these coupons at the checkout.

  • BUBBLEMONTHLYBUSINESS (30% off for 15 users for the monthly business plan)
  • BUBBLEYEARLYBUSINESS (50% off for 15 users for the yearly business plan)

(If you are not interested in connecting Bubble login with Hyvor Talk, you can subscribe to the premium plan)

And, here’s a preview of the Hyvor Talk comments section:

If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions, please let us know here or via our live chat.

Thank you very much!

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Hey Supun. Great plugin. I noticed Im not seeing a scroll option when im in a container, and when i select iframe, Im getting a glitch of the element flickering on and off. Wondering if you have a solve for this? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!