Plugin IP Geolocation Bug - Impossible to save IP

Hello everyone!

I’m writing to you because I’m having a problem with zeroqode’s IP Geolocation plugin.

I want to “capture” a user’s IP address when he arrives on a page.

To do this, I’ve added an “on page load” workflow that fetches the current user’s IP address from the “IPGeolocation” element on my page.

The workflow has only 1 step: modify current user - field “IP” (text).

The IP address is retrieved, but not saved in the database.

I tried running the debugger step by step, and… It tells me that everything works!

I can see the “modify current user” step being displayed, with the correct IP address value… But when I finish loading and go to the database, the value isn’t saved in the user’s field.

Strangely enough, to test this, I added a dynamic text to my page: “Current user’IP”, and the value is displayed correctly.

So it looks as if the IP address is stored temporarily and not in the DB…

Has anyone encountered this bug before?

It seems to be exactly the same bug as the one this person encountered with the Ipiphy plugin: Ipiphy bug? On page load sequence, then change user thing does not work - #2 by neerja

Any clue?

Thanks in advance!

Do your privacy rules allow that field to be modified?

Yes, I removed all the privacy rules.

To be sure, we tested on 3 different apps, and the bug is present on all 3.

What’s strange is that the problem only appears with the plugin’s “ip” parameter.

All other parameters (“geolocation” etc…) work fine and are saved in the DB.

Hello @Maxime_Gadras,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

The likely reason you’re facing an issue might be because the element is fetching the information post page load. For the plugin, there’s an event named “IP Geolocation Load Data Finish” that triggers the workflow when the element contains the data. I’d recommend you test this on your page alongside the “Make changes to user” action. From our tests, we were able to successfully store the IP address in a User data field.

Hope this information will help :pray:

Have an amazing day :hugs: