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Hi !

I have work on a plugin for Jitsi.meet, the videoconferencing platform.
As it uses the free public services (meet.jit.si), only moderators role can be used.
Meeting room name and password can be set up.
Events are managed (user login, name changes, etc).

Comments are welcome.

Goal is to use also private setup with role based on token (JWT).


Thank you!
Is there a way to (for example) have a manager set up the room and then to save the room link to a thing. then an employee logs into their account page and is either automatically connected tot he chat or sees a button that indicates a room is available?

When creating employees, i could create another field named “roomName” which could equal some arbitrary but random string. I could have a second field named “roomActive” set to ‘no’. i would have a third field named “timeOpen”

When the manager starts the room with the unique string, the employees “roomActive” is set to yes. the employee has an icon that changes color based on “roomActive” to indicate if the manager is in the room or not. timeOpen is set to ‘current date and time’

Using an automated workflow with integromat, i could search records and if any ‘roomActive’ is older than a certain time, switch it to ‘no’? alternatively, on any other page, if a manager is on that page, the last roomActive switched to ‘yes’ could be switched to ‘no’

any thoughts on this?

Yes, you can do it with this plug in and the database !

Room name and password are used only by the “start_session” action --> full dynamic !
For my use case, I have set up an agenda system. Videomeetings (roomname, password) are created during meeting creation and saved in the database with other meeting details (date, hour, duration…)
You need to save in the database the list of invited attendees and who’s the user(s) with the right to start the meeting.
The bubble app shows to the user the list of meeting (= belongs to the attendee list of the meeting) and only the moderator (or manager in your case) can be the first to open the meeting. (action forbidden by the workflow). The meeting status is saved in the database (pending, open…).
In the workflow, if a meeting is open and the current user is in the attendee list, a reminder message and an icon are displayed.

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Just as a reminder: as the plugin uses the meet.jit.si server, the token is not available --> all users are moderators !

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