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Plugin needed: client-side Point in Polygon analyzer

Hello - I need a simple Bubble plugin for Point In Polygon analysis. The plugin must run on the client’s browser – not on the Bubble server or through Google API. Estimated budget for this plugin is roughly $200.

When the app page is loaded, a plugin action would retrieve from the app database up to 200 polygons. Each polygon includes coordinates (in [longitude1,latitude1;longitude2,latitude2;etc] GeoJSON format) and also a unique name. The plugin would store these 200 polygons in the client’s browser.

Then, through another plugin action (that occurs every 3-5 seconds), the plugin would retrieve from the app the user’s current GPS latitude and longitude, and analyze whether or not the user’s location is within any of the 200 polygons. The plugin’s element’s state would then be updated, to be either “Inside No Polygon” or “Inside Polygon XYZ” where XYZ is the unique name of the polygon.

The 200 polygons are Simple polygons – i.e. they do not intersect themselves, and they have no holes. Each polygon has up to 100 vertices, with concavity. An example of the polygons is visible here:

Importantly, the 200 polygons do not overlap each other – the user’s location is either inside 1 of the 200 polygons, or inside 0. Therefore, the plugin should analyze all 200 polygons in parallel, and as soon as the user’s location has been detected in ANY of the 200 polygons, the plugin should halt further analysis and set the state of the plugin element to “Inside Polygon XYZ”.

FYI there is much open source documentation of Point In Polygon code in JS:


@akiempaul mentions the JS Check “Point in Polygon” equation

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