[Plugin] NFTPort by EazyCode

The Stripe for NFTs: One-Stop & Simple NFT Infrastructure & APIs for Developers

Multichain: Ethereum, Polygon and Tezos

Implemented features:

  • Mint NFT with NFTPort contract (Polygon, Rinkeby)
  • Mint with your own contract
  • Retrieve all NFTs (Polygon, Ethereum)
  • Get NFT details and transactions (Ethereum)
  • Get NFTs owned by wallet (ethereum, polygon, tezos)
  • Get NFTs created by wallet (ethereum, polygon, tezos)
  • Contract sales statistics (polygon, ethereum)
  • Multi-chain NFT search (polygon, ethereum)

Base URLs:

Live Server:

Mock Server:


Pass the value from the previous response to fetch the next page. Can be empty if it is the first page.

Page Size

The number of results returned per page. Limit can range between 1 and 50, and the default is 50.

Page Number

The page number of the results to return. The first page is 1.


Demo: https://ezplugins-demo-3.bubbleapps.io/version-test/nftport
Marketplace: NFTPort Plugin | Bubble

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Hey EazyCode,

Loving this plugin and super excited about getting my site up and running using it!

I’m having trouble getting the plugin to retrieve “NFTs owned by account NFT” and was wondering if someone could assist? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Hi, what exactly is the issue? Do you get an error?

Apologies, I’m not too development savvy when it comes to API’s (using Bubble for a reason).

I’m not getting an error, do I need to setup / use webhooks to see errors?

I’ve created my free API key from the NFTPort site and added it to the plugin. I’ve setup the retrieve and repeating group as per the demo.

Is it possible to jump on a quick call so I can share what I’ve done?

You can share on our Discord in showcase chat, we can further discuss it there :slight_smile: