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Plugin or API that allows for watermarking PDFs?

Does anyone know of the existence of a plugin or alternate way I could make it so Bubble sends out emails with attachments that are watermarked with the recipients’ name?

The goal is to have a mass email system integrated into the app which will allow admins to upload PDFs and have the system watermark it so the users can’t share confidential documents.



It can help you.

Now we are finishing the development of a plugin that can do what you need.
The plugin is 95% ready, and we are now writing and structuring the documentation.

Plugin allows you to automatically create a document template (invoices, invitations, announcements, mailings, tickets, reports, certificates. Etc.) from a page (or group) created by the regular tools of the Bubble editor. And then generate PDFs with dynamic data on the server or client side according to a predefined template.

  • On the client side: allows using a template with dynamic data to generate a PDF document, upload it to the server, get a link to the downloaded file and / or download the generated PDF file to the client computer.
  • On the server side: allows using a template with connected dynamic data without user intervention (for example, on a schedule) to generate a PDF document, upload it to the server, get a link to the uploaded file. For example, send invoices every month on a schedule. Or send invitations to users for a specific event. Etc.

That is, in the bubble you create a page, and then the plugin reads it and creates the template code. After generating the template code, you no longer need this page. And then the generated code will be used according to which the PDF will be generated.
For example, the finished PDF will look like this:
PDF no watermark
PDF with watermark

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