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Plugin possible?

Hey all,

How possible would it be to build a SSO plugin for

Here’s the documentation: SSO implementation - Frill Help Docs which seems relatively straight forward. It takes 3 pieces of into about the user (email, id & name) and encrypts it to make a JWT which is sent as part of the redirect back to Frill.

Am interested in seeing something like this put together if possible.

Seems this might be possible with a server action since that allows you to use node packages.

From the docs

In bubble

You can add a param to pass in a user, that will let you access those three fields, which you can then process with a bit of javascript.

That action would then return the entire URL including the token, and you can just have a Open external page action in the next step of your action that uses that full url with the token.

That might work, not 100% sure if the Open external page works but there is probably another way for that last part.