[PLUGIN] Redirect Login (Protected pages)

Hey everyone! My name is Parth, I’m a sophomore studying Informatics with a minor in Information Systems, Computer Science, and Marketing.

I just released my first ever Bubble plugin since falling in love with the platform in the past year!

Function: Protected pages by criteria (logged in or must be paying user) and redirects the user to login first then brings then back to the protected page.

I hope our community finds it of use!

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are you aware that you can have server side redirect in bubble? Also redirecting by criteria after page load is already possible with bubble :man_shrugging:


I am! However, this plugin makes it easier and more convenient.

The login page gets a hidden element on it.

Then, you just drag a hidden element onto any page, and it just works. No workflows setup no “only when” conditions. It’s dynamic and can be thrown onto any page (of course with different criteria as needed).

Appreciate the reply!