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🔥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Dynamic Tables for Bubble (Excel-like)

You should use the Row click event and the Clicked row state proving the record id:
Once you know the record’s unique id you should be able to use Bubble’s Search for function. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Do you also want to change the rows height or show more rows? How the final result will look like?

Hi @barnetrpc ,

The Editable Tables plugin was released yesterday! :tada:

You can check the full list of its features in the docs and as usual, feel free to contact me if you need any further information!

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Hey pal. I’d like to show more rows if possible…but I want the viewport to be taller…

Do you have to do anything additionally for the edited cell information to be updated in the database, or is that automatic? I got my data in, but the editing isn’t being updated. In the docs I see there’s an event called “cell edited” and related states, but it doesn’t explain how to use any of those…also it mentions that some columns can independently be set to disable editing, while others can be editable (which is what I want for PKs) but doesn’t show how to use that either. Is there another full documentation page that I’m missing?

Hey there Sam,

Great updates on this plugin and the Editable Tables has incredible potential.

Regarding the question - Do you have any updates/advice on how to display a list of items inside of a single cell?


Once the Cell edited event triggered, you can access a bunch of states including: edited_record_id, edited_col_id, edited_value. This will allow you to update the DB.

You can check the Demo 1, some columns are read-only there.

PS for further questions about the Editable Table plugin let’s move to this thread please.

Have you tried the Toolbox plugin that I recommended above? It’s pretty useful to build custom lists of things that can be displayed in a table’s column.

Will you continue to update this plugin?

Sure! All your features are already in my features list. Thank you for all your suggestions! I’m sure it will be useful for many people!

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Awesome, I have a few more questions now :joy:

  1. Does the populate table event propagate for all users, eg; if I call “Populate Table” when I press Button A. Will that table refresh for all? I will presume not, if not, is there a way to trigger an action on data changing?
  2. Could you elaborate on if/how it is possible to sort data by Creation Date or even better by status eg; if Status = Pending then show highest

This is actually possible with a slightly more complex config. Here is a simple Demo and Editor (Rows are clickable).

The data is updated automatically for all the users / in different tabs…

If you are using a “Search for” function, you should be able to sort your data as well:

@BubbleSam Download as CSV creates some big problems when you have dates (or any field with commas in it). Can we get a fix to this? Client is having a breakdown over it xD

I am thinking all it needs is each column field to be wrapped in double quotes.

Thanks @BubbleSam for that.
I am still struggling with basics it seems!

I am retrieving from the “dataTable’s Clicked Row” is a list of ALL the unique IDs from the sale table (which is my source in the row ID of your plugin). This is only retrieved by the way when clicking on the first line of the table.

How can I retrieve only the unique ID from the line I clicked in the table?

And this is how I set up the text element in the pop-up to do a search for. Obvisouly at the moment it does not work.

Where am I going wrong here?

Thank you for reporting this! Could you please upgrade to the latest version? It should fix the issue!

Hi there,
Could you please check this app:
Demo | Editor
When you click on a row we show a popup with the clicked row id. Using that row id it is possible to edit the row data.
The clicked row id should be a text value (an id), not a list of IDs.
Also, could you please upgrade your plugin to the latest version?

If the issue persist, could you please create a simple app / page to reproduce the problem and send it to us?

Lifesaver ! Thanks a lot @BubbleSam

Now I have a follow-up request. I want to have multiple filters in addition to the search bar.
For instance I have a list of orders with customer, order date and status. If I want to search for a customer name for a order when status is e.g. pending, how can I do this?
Is it possible “inside” the plug-in? Or should I create a dropdown option outside the datatable and then somehow link it?

Thanks again for the awesome work and support!

Apologies, I somehow missed your post…
Unfortunately, we do not provide a built-in filter for the moment (only the search bar).
So you should create filtering controls outside the plugin, filter the data and populate your table with that data

It is very possible we will add built-in filtering features a bit later!

Hey @BubbleSam,
I missed your answer as well!
Thanks for the update. Would be awesome to have this functionality. Right now I had to revert back to RG with a combination of multi dropdown / searchbox / input elements. And with it the pain of formatting.
But ready to jump back on your plugin when this multi-search feature is live!

Thanks in any case for your work and support!

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Hi @tom17 , what’s your exact use case, please? Is it possible for example to pre-filter all the records and after that pass all of them the Dynamic Tables plugin?

Hey @BubbleSam - do you know if there is a way to show a list of items in one field with a bit of formatting? I have a “list of activities” in one record, and I want to show the list separated with bullets or something similar. Pic here: