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🔥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Dynamic Tables for Bubble (Excel-like)

Hey @BubbleSam,
I missed your answer as well!
Thanks for the update. Would be awesome to have this functionality. Right now I had to revert back to RG with a combination of multi dropdown / searchbox / input elements. And with it the pain of formatting.
But ready to jump back on your plugin when this multi-search feature is live!

Thanks in any case for your work and support!

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Hi @tom17 , what’s your exact use case, please? Is it possible for example to pre-filter all the records and after that pass all of them the Dynamic Tables plugin?

Hey @BubbleSam - do you know if there is a way to show a list of items in one field with a bit of formatting? I have a “list of activities” in one record, and I want to show the list separated with bullets or something similar. Pic here:

Hi i have an issue with using plugin, which apparently stops the following page work. Can you help with solving it? in debug mode it says:

The plugin Advanced Dynamic Table Grid / Excel / action Populate a DataTable threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function
at eval (PLUGIN_Advanced-Dynamic-Table-Grid—Excel-element_action–DataTable-Populate-.js:3:90)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

I’m also attaching a screenshot of the error.

Here is the settings of a populating function

Hi @steve18 ,
Have you tried the format-as-text function? It could be helpful :wink:

Hi @yakubov , Could you please double check the values you are passing to your columns? It should be text values separated by “,”.
It looks like your first (Game Name) and last (Approve) columns may be wrongly formatted

Hi @BubbleSam,

We are building an inventory management software.
So the table is used as a way into the various purchase and sales order. E.g. when one clicks on a line of the table it shows the details of the order.
So again rather than an output the table is here just so we can access records.
So by default and because various users might want to search using different filters, we can’t have pre-filtered results.


Hi @tom17 ,

You should be able to retrieve all the results from your database and store it in as a custom state of some element. After that you can filter it and populate the table with the filtered data.
So various users will be able to use different filters.

Hey there @BubbleSam,

I’m getting this Param. error regarding one of the Datatables, the error has a different ID each time the page is loaded.
datatables error code - specific cell

Is there a way to find a Tables ID while the element is visible? I tried to go through the element inspector and browser inspection tools but I’m not seeing it.

It does not seem to hinder any of my tables functionality.

If it’s possible to find the ID of a Datatable loaded on page please let me know, appreciate your work on this plugin!

Hi @DartSpeed,

Yes, using the element inspector you can find the <table> tag and its id:

Additionally, this link could be useful to understand the error you have:

I suppose that one of the provided column values has an undefined value somehow

Hello @BubbleSam,

Do you think it will ever be possible to allow the column titles to be a dynamic text field?

My main intention is to allow a User to create a “Search”, which would be a list of Param. and other options ect. that you have so graciously given us access to.

My Users prefer different “styles/criteria” for different searches so I am trying to set up a save feature and allow them to save their current options as dynamically as possible when they get a setup they like.

Using the Custom States List I have been able to save that list of numbers to show/hide the respective columns but this is limiting as my search is rather large and it seems I have to buffer all of the columns on each Populate WorkFlow, to then only display a portion of the data. The Large Data option doesn’t seem to solve the initial load time but that’s not a big concern if I could slim down the search.

If anyone has any other thoughts on the dynamic column titles or how to arrange a truly dynamic “Saved Search” using this plugin I would appreciate it.

SOLUTION (rough): Get a List of Text inside of a Cell (without using Toolbox)

We’ve got TWO OPTIONS here -
1 = Custom States
2= Make a change to your DB to make a text


Basically, the idea is to generate and save as a custom state a STAND ALONE TEXT VALUE that is pre-formatted to be used in the POPULATE workflow. This Text Value needs to include the “,” value between each list item.

Here is my Database structure basics:
Top Level: Order
Tier 2: -List of Locations associated to the Order (a Location is a separate DB Thing)
Tier 3: – The Name of the Location (stored as a text field on each individual Location)

Format the initial search like you have for others in the Populate Action (make sure the Sort by is the same as well). I’m using the Group By: function to keep each Orders List of Location together, then pulling them as a group with the “Group By:” feature on the list. Format the text as the list of names, with the delimiter “,” and it should be ready to save as a text field in a Custom State.

Be sure to put the Custom State BEFORE the Populate Action in the Custom Event workflow.

Use the Custom State as a value for your search in the Populate workflow. (i put my Custom State on the page level)

populate image

BEWARE: This is a rough workaround and probably will not work very well if you have more than a couple of hundred entries. I’m averaging about a 30-second load/populate time for about 300 Locations on a List of about 125 Orders. The lag time is borderline frustrating as a User but still better than using Toolbox for a noob like me.

If anyone can do this search using Agolia my initial thought is that it may be significantly faster.


The alternate for some of us to work around this Cell issue may be to save the text value of the Thing (List of Location Names) while adding/editing/removing them from an Order during the normal course of work. This would save a great deal of time on this problem. If you are not too far along in Dev. to implement a small workflow change I would recommend this route over trying to run this complicated search each time.

You can make large batch changes using the scheduler (Schedule API Workflow on a List - which would be at the Order Level, or whatever the Search Date Type is for the rest of the Populate Action) which we found to be very efficient and safe on the entry level plan.

As a newbie I found the Toolbox plugin limiting on the number of examples and documentation on how to implement it on a basic level, I see how it could be used but do not have what it takes to learn the basic Java to implement. (sigh…)

I hope this helps someone else!

This is still by far the best tables plugin I have found in Bubble. Thank you @BubbleSam.

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I’m happy that you’ve found a workable solution! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

Hi @BubbleSam! Is there a way to delete a record in the database associated the selected row’s row id? Basically, when a user selects a row and clicks a “delete” button, I want that entire row and its data to be deleted (after a pop-up confirmation).

Also, is there a way to pass in the data from the selected row into an input? I am trying to have a web form that can be saved and updated later on if needed. When a user selects a row, and clicks an “update” button, I want it to take them to the form page and have the data associated with the selected row passed into the input values. Is that possible?

Hi @kevonmayers31 ,

Sure, it’s possible! Plugin provides you Clicked row event and Clicked row id state.
Once you have row’s id that user clicked / selected, you can show a popup, redirect user to the detailed page etc…

Cool! Could you show an example workflow for those? I’ve been trying, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Here is a quick example

Hi Sam,

I was able to successfully replicate your quick example, but I still am unsure of how to access the data associated with the clicked row/row id, not the id itself.

For example: “DataTable A’s Clicked row’s Project Name” or “DataTable A’s Clicked row’s Owner First Name.” How do you access the data associated with the row ID? That’s what I’m still not understanding.

You need to use Bubble’s find function to retrieve the item from database