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🔥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Dynamic Tables for Bubble (Excel-like)

I do not know your exact scenario, but something like this should work:

When Row clicked event triggered:

  1. Find record by its id using Data Table's Clicked row state
  2. Store this record as a custom state
  3. Now you can read record fields from the custom state

How do i center texts in a cell?

Hi there @james16 , welcome to the community!
So far you can center the cell data using CSS. I will add this feature into the plugin in one of next releases to make it easier to use!

Wondering, if this is possible with this plugin:
I have two apps. One has accounts the other one doesn’t. The one without accounts displays data, the one with accounts inputs the data. The apps are connected through the bubble app connector. Would the tables auto populate and data change without a refresh if it pulls data from an API? I don’t really know how APIs work, so just trying to see if its possible. If more context is need let me know.

Hi @1david2hot ,
Hum… Honestly, never tested in this scenario. Anyway, if it won’t work automatically, you should be able to “refresh” the table by calling the populate function when your data changes.

Hi @BubbleSam , can this plugin do conditional cell color ranges a la sheets/excel? something like this:

also, can it have cells/rows selected on load?

Hi @andyestridge ,
Apologies for a bit delayed reply.
Unfortunately, that’s not yet possible. However, that’s great suggestion! I’m putting this into my to-do list for next releases!

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My data has a number column but is not dislpaying either with a number or currency format, do you know how can I change the format of that particular column for the number data?

Thank you

would it be possible to create a table and to send this table as a csv-export to a specific mailaddress each monday?

I think that the problem may be in your data itself (null values for example). Could you please double-check it? You can also try to display a smaller amount of rows to find where the problem is

Probably you can use Bubble’s schedule features. Here are some links that may be useful:

I have processed the data on pandas before uploading and does not contain nulls or the data is previously a number type. Thanks

Could you please try to display for example 1 row only, 5 rows, 10 rows… Will it work? If not, could you please provide a demo page / app so we can understand better what happening ?

Hey there I am using this plug-in, and I just noticed the CSV export does not work. It exports a file with 2 column headings (I have several columns) and no data.

I notice I am on version 1.7.4 which says fixes CVS export issues.
Should I just downgrade?
Honestly I probably upgraded to 1.7.4 at some point without testing, so this is my fault.

Actually I just checked another table on my app and it works fine for export. So it is just one table.
Would privacy settings effect an export? The table populates just fine, its the export that does not work. And I did change some privacy settings a while back.


Hi there,

I can only suspect that there is bug in the export feature. To test it well, we’ll need the exact data to build the table. Is it possible to create a demo page to reproduce the problem?

Thanks for getting back to me.
I never could figure what the issue was, it would export some data, but not all. But it always displayed the data just find.
Sadly I had to scrap it and redesign this particular usage so I can’t recreate it.