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🔥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Dynamic Tables for Bubble (Excel-like)

That’s odd… Have you tried to reinstall the plugin?

I did not try to reinstall. Not sure what will happen if I uninstall and try to Install again. It might require a new purchase. Do you know if Bubble remembers this was already paid for?

I just bought this as the advanced table does not meet my needs. I am a bit disappointed. I cannot seem to limit the number of rows to show before allowing vertical scrolling. Neither am I able to adjust the font size (tried HTML) but only adjusts the first row’s value as I cannot add the HTML closing tag in the field lookup after the joined with “,”

for instance.
I am unable to set individual row widths, so the table looks odd. Am I missing something here?

Normally you’ll be able to install the plugin again.

Hi @christo1 , as your requirements (at least some of them) are pretty advanced, I would say that the best way is to use CSS to modify how the table will look like.

Thanks, I guess it is time to learn some CSS

For others with the same issue, I have been able to at least resize the font in each cell and centre them using the following method when populating the table:

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Thank you for sharing this!

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hey @BubbleSam - quick question. Is it possible to save the user’s column configuration so that when they refresh or leave & come back to the page the columns are in the same order? Additionally, is it possible to do a select / deselect all rows using this plugin?

Hi there, if you have a limited (and known) number of columns, it will be possible

Unfortunately, this is not possible…

Is it possible to add a „click to open a popup “ action and showing the data?

Also is there an Export option available?

Yep! The plugin provides a couple of useful events:

  • Row clicked
  • Row selected

And states:

  • Clicked row (text): row unique id
  • Selected rows: list of selected rows

Yes, you can check out our demo (check the Export CSV button)

@BubbleSam Are there any restrictions in what kind of data types can be edited and viewed in the table? I have modifiedBy field mapped to UserID field and in the past that was causing issues with other table plugins. Basically all I need to show is a long list of records and who modified them to all users (that are editing the records in real time). thank you!

Hi @JamesGreg ,
There are no special restrictions on data types. Basically you can any basic data type (string, number, date, …)

Hi @BubbleSam, I just start with you plugin and it’s really nice but I have an issue and can’t find what to do. I populate the table from external client data and when I click on a line I open a pop-up with a form with input text for all the client info so I can modify it but I just can’t get the right info in those fields. I did the exact same thing from a repeating group and it’s working fine but I prefer a lot more the look of your table.

Hi @rtanguay, do you mean that the data isn’t updated in the Bubble’s database?
Did you check the privacy settings?

Hello, Thank’s for your reply. Not exactly, I can populate your table from a external database (PipeDrive), that is working fine exept that I set Nb of records per page to 50 but when I load the page I get nothing and I have to select Show all but that is another issue.

So I can populate your table but when I click on a line I want to send the data of that line to a popup so I can load that person data in a form but I just can’t get it to work like I do easaly from a repeating ground. It look like I can’t sent the selected line of that table to the popup. When I do it with a repeating group I click on an icon and send the use the display data of the user that open a popup and field all the input so I can modify the client info and when I save I save it to Bubble database and also send it to Integromat to update the client Pipedrive data.

Also I use Pipe drive ID as a link between the databases

Thank you for the provided details!
Well, you can get the record id of the selected item. Will this help you to retrieve the item and display/edit it in the popup?

Thank’s for your reply. I don’t now how to do it. I attach some screen shot to show you what I call in the table in the popup a selected field. Cant you show me what I should input in the initial content. I did try about everithing but I sertenly missing someting here.


Hi there,
Here is how to add the Row ids to your table:

Fantastic it’s working Thanks so much.

I only have one more issue, I set to show 50 lines but I get nothing, I have to chosse All to show lines items when I choose Semantic UI Theme.

Suggestion : just in casse, it would be amazing if we could add Icon to start a workflow like edit or delete and il we could click on item to also start a workflow like and email to open a popup to send an email.

Thank’s again

Hi @rtanguay ,

Does the issue persist?
What happens if you choose ‘All records’ and then ‘50 records’ ? Will it work?