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🔥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Dynamic Tables for Bubble (Excel-like)


Yes the issue persist but if I choose All records and then 50 records, it’s working.

Could you please limit your records and display only 5, 10, 20 etc to ensure that the problem isn’t in the records itself?

No even 2 or 5 etc still show nothing on load

First of al amazing plugin and tips on this page!!! - I am trying to display the following in your table:

I have a list of files which i would like to display. Each file has a list of references attached, I am trying to access the individual reference values and add them to my list. - I think I need to use the toolbox but I didn’t get to access the individual ref values.

Would appreciate a little hint very much!!!

This what I have in toolbox so far

Hi @BubbleSam I’m running into an issue when trying to order a column by date. The data is stored as a Date. The same issue occurs when I load the table with Default ordering column set to a date column and when I toggle the asc/desc button at the top of a date column.
Expected behavior: order by unix time; most recent date/time on top when desc and furthest in the past on top when asc.
Observed behavior: there appears to be some kind of first digit integer-based sorting such that months are ordered (asc): 1(JAN),10(OCT),11(NOV),12(DEC),2(FEB),3(MAR),4(APR),5(MAY),6(JUNE),7(JULY),8(AUG),9(SEP); days of the months follow the same pattern (1,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,2,20,21,…,etc); times follow the same pattern when rendered in 24H format.

What’s going on here?

Hi @BubbleSam - love the plugin. But I’m running into a rendering issue where the table renders like this much of the time. Wondering if it’s because I"m using it inside a re-usable element and if so where there might be a fix?

Hi @afryer ,
Could you please send me the url of your app?

Seems to have sorted itself? I’ll PM you if I run into again. Thanks!

Hi @BubbleSam, I was wondering if you have had a chance to look into the sort-by-date issue, above?


Hi there,
Well yes, it’s sorted just like any other text column. To be able to achieve the correct sorting, you should pre-format the dates: YYYY-MM-DD.
I’m not even sure it will be even possible to correctly sort without pre-formatting the values. We will check the library we are using.

Thanks @BubbleSam - I’ve pre-formatted the dates as a temporary solution and will keep my eyes peeled for any updates related to date sorting based upon the underlying timestamp.

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i have tried reading through the entire thread but may have missed it. is there a way to show the entire table (like Full List in RG’s) so I can export it cleanly to a PDF. I have purchased both table plugins you offer and can’t seem to cleanly export the entire table to a PDF, regardless of which PDF plugin I use.


Hi @decker.tdtrade ,

Probably you can simply adjust the number of records per page.

HI @BubbleSam ,
Your plugin is great. Thank you!
I have an issue to display my columns in a specific order. If I correctly understand the logic, the column are populated according to the order inside the workflow> populate DataTable. In my case, Start Date, Name, Launch date, Goal, Media. My goal is to have 10 or more columns.
My question: Is it possible to order columns with custom state rather to re-write the workflow. If it is possible how should I do?
Thank you for your help

Hi @elena ,

Yes, that’s correct!

Unfortunately, this is not possible for some technical reasons. The only solution is to have another workflow with a different column ordering.

Hi @BubbleSam ,
Thank you for your quick answer. I am struggling with a new issue. My sixth column seems to create a mess. Here is my setup: