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💥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Export to PDF: Whole Page / Single Element

That’s an interesting idea @aestela. I tried, simply keep the report content hidden. Then workflow can’t find the element…

Hey @BubbleSam,

After I tasted PDF creation 10 times in a 10 min, the function stop working, throwing an error once. Then it stops working. I removed the plug in element and place it again. still it is not working… it’s a bug?


Hi Ohyoon,
If it doesn’t work even after re-installing, the problem must be in the the plugin configuration, e.g. it’s not a bug.
For further help, please publish plugin configuration screenshot and the error you have.

Hi @BubbleSam,

I think I found out where things break down.

When the page number is higher more than 20, it does not generate PDF. Currently I can generate PDF which has 9 pages. But not longer document. Do you know this issue?


I’m able to generate a pdf with 100+ pages. Can you please create a simple app to reproduce the issue?