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💥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Export to PDF: Whole Page / Single Element

I just tried this plugin and noticed the same thing. Even at “100”, thus it should be zero compression, I’m losing quality. My other plugin doesn’t do this so this is definitely specific to this plugin. Sounds like I have to start from much higher resolution though in order to compensate for the plugin developer doing whatever it is that is causing the reduction in quality.

I made an ugly workaround. I reload the page between each page to be printed and have some waiting times before and after the actual creation. Luckily this function as of the moment is for admins and not clients. But, would like som insight on this @BubbleSam .

Hi, how do I manipulate the .rgItem element to print each cell of the RG on a different page? (Referencing back to this demo:

Hi how can i chnge in the plugin PDF Conjurer the language text to Arial ?

Hi … I want to export / print each row of a repeating group on a separate page (of size 10cm x 10cm) that will be in the form of an AirWayBill (see below screenshot i want the group that is inside the RG to come each on a separate page)

Hi there, you can try to set the same classname to your items and they will be exported on separate pages :slight_smile:

So i do that through using the ID attribute field ?

Yes, please check out our documentation:

Hi … This is a video to explain . Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hi There,

I’ve been using Advanced Export Plug In to generate PDFs.
Is there a way to make files private?
I save it (the generated file) to Bubble S3, but, how to make it private to the current User?

Tks in advance!

Hello Sam,

I can’t get the generate URL to work anymore, It worked before.
The generate URL field is set to yes
But when I put it in a state it shows No and I can’t pull the URL
The file is in the file manager

Any ideas what is happening
Thank you


Adding further information on this trouble
I added a check input to toggle to URL to yes and it works fine if I run in Debugger mode but but the value of the state still show No, but the the link generates.

Hi there,

I’ve just made a test and everything works as expected.
Could you please delete the element and start over?

Hello Sam

Yeah it seems to have done the trick, will remember next time thanks


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Happy to hear that it worked :slight_smile:

Hello. there is some glitch when downloading the pdf - certain words are not spaced correctly

Hi @BubbleSam ! I was wondering how can I turn into PDF the whole #table element in your demo page?

I mean, #table is has a big list of entries that you have to scroll to see. However, when I generate a PDF for this #table, it omits all the entries that are not visible at the moment. In my use case, I need it to include all the content that is in the repeating group, including those that are not currently visible.

I would appreciate if anyone can explain me how can I do this, if it possible. Thanks!

Hi there,

Unfortunately this is not possible to export the hidden elements. This is because this plugin can export items that are presented on the page.

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Hey there, looks like a cool plugin - one question, does this export to PDF as an image or is the text ‘parsable’ - i.e could this be read by a machine?


Thank you for your question! The exported PDF is a print-ready image.

thanks for the update - this would be useful in some circumstances but as there is no embedded text for the machine to read (resume parsing) then it wont work for my use case :).
Unless of course there is a way to embed data in the the PDF metadata, then that could in theory work.