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💥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Export to PDF: Whole Page / Single Element

Ok, then let’s give it a try :slight_smile:

Hey @BubbleSam,

I just subscribed to your plugin and I really like it! I seem to have one problem though, all icons on the page don’t appear in the pdf document. Is there anything I can do about that?

@BubbleSam plugin works like a charm. It’s much more useful and easier than Bubble page to PDF I totally agree with that. But as I would like to use the plugin from invisible popup I get this error:

Is there anything that can be done to support this?

I like to keep my designs nice and clean thus I would prefer to have it in popup rather than fitting somewhere on the site.

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback, it means a lot to us!! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, this is not possible to export the invisible elements…

@BubbleSam I think you have misunderstood me so let me drop a printscreen → I have your plugin on popup like this: (the popup itself is hidden)


this is hidden :wink: not anything else that I want to export :wink:

Fire button is located on the page directly but calls a plugin that is on the hidden popup.

Also it feels like there is a small offset from the left side which makes the full-with page preset cut off on the right side

Have two elements in a popup that want on separate PDF pages but are merged into one page. I don’t see what I am doing wrong as per the instructions.

I purchsed your plug in and everything was working fine. I upgraded to the paid version of bubble and tried to create a PDF and received the following error message. Any advice on what to do?

run_debug.js:6 Action Convert PDFConverter A - The plugin Advanced Export to PDF / action Convert a PDF Converter threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function
at eval (PLUGIN_1618325851181x183358745676087300/Advanced-Export-to-PDF-element_action–PDF-Converter-Convert-.js:11:2458)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

Hello @BubbleSam

I get back to you because my issue, from July 29, is still up to date
I can’t get the plugin to work without this error message
Have you got any clue about that ?

Thanks for your feedback


@BubbleSam I’m having an issue with this plugin where is it showing part of the pdf capture blacked out. It doesn’t happen every time though is a problem as I’m using it for contracts. Do you have any idea why this would happen?


Is it possible that you are capturing the page before it completely loaded?

my repeating group is set to be a column container and is very long(height is dynamic, could be longer or shorter, so I cant say how many pages for this pdf), I wanna split it into multiple A4 page pdf, is this possible with the plugin? thanks

Hello @BubbleSam
I have a problem when the user is using a mobile or tablet, the generated pdf is shrunk to the size of the device.
Is there a trick to solve this problem ?
Thanks for your reply

Hi @BubbleSam,
I have tried different formats and adjustments but the result is the same or not at all satisfying, can you give me an answer? I need to know if I should consider another solution

Has anyone else managed to get around this problem?

Hi @chady ,
Yes, since the plugin generates the pdf from the screen, the result depends on the device.

The plugin is working pretty well for me :ok_hand:
The only thing is I have a QR code generated in SVG and it is not rendering as planed on the PDF…
Is there a way around that ?

Thank you

I’m having the same issue… Same ‘fi’. The text is from a Light Rich Text Editor by zerocode.
Font used is Roboto.