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💥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Export to PDF: Whole Page / Single Element

Hi @gilles ,
Thank you for your feedback! This plugin converts the html into high resolution images (kind of screenshot) and then converts it to a PDF file.

Did you try to adjust the Compress quality field?

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Hi @BubbleSam ,

Below is another screen shot with fake text (bottom of this thread). All text is slightly fuzzy, enough to hurt the eyes. I’ve set compress quality to 100. My other parameters are:

Could this be related to my dimensions or font used? Do you get crystal clear text when you publish a pdf document?

PDF example:

Thank you for the provided details!

Since our plugin generates an image first, you may experience some quality loss.
To improve the quality, you should adjust the paper size ratio or, if possible, make your font size slightly bigger.

Here is a screenshot of the output document generated using our demo app. The compress quality set to 100%, zoom 150% (in Adobe Reader). The source font size is relatively small and the resulted PDF quality is still good:

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Hi BubbleSam,

activated your PDF plugin. Great job, with an easy user interface.

I do have two issues with the plugin, which is cutting off and splitting text when rendering my bubble html page into pdf format:

  1. cutting off at the right hand side (tried different settings, none worked)

  1. splitting text at page breaks (tried different settings, none worked)

Can you help? Thanks

Hi @jurgen.wittkopp ,

This is weird. Could you please create a simple demo page to reproduce the issue? You can send us an editor link in PM

This issue can be fixed.
Since this plugin takes a “screenshot” and then converts it into a PDF, it can not automatically recognize where it should cut the content to split it into multiple pages.
So you need to slightly adjust the line spacing, font size, paper size or margins. So you will need to find an optimal configuration to export without cutting the text line in the middle.

Hi @BubbleSam ,

Yeah, the screen shot you attached from your demo PDF is clear. I ran the demo PDF and here’s my screen shot:

Strangely, it seems to be not as clear as yours :thinking: What could be the reason for the difference on the same demo file?

I’m going to PM you a shared link to the demo PDF I created. I’ve noticed this as well with my customers, some have perfectly clear text in their PDF, while others (like mine) are fuzzy (all using chrome 90+).

Thank you,

Hi BubbleSam, here we go with the demo page.

I have played around a bit with different browsers, and it may be a problem with Chrome. Safari doesn’t cut off the text and renders the pdf ok. I haven’t tried Firefox, MSFT etc.

As for splitting the words/rows: I think that will be difficult to achieve by simply readjusting line spacing etc. The text elements in my RG have flexible length and may force the same problem under a different set up.
Maybe you can have a look into SelectPDF. They seem to have solved that issue, though they have other hiccups.

Are you talking about ? If so, they are using a completely different approach that we can’t apply in the current version of the plugin.
However, that’s pretty important to fix, I’m going to think about a solution!

Hi BubbleSam, yes, I was actually referring to them.

Not sure what approach they take because I am not hugely familiar with pdf formats.
It would be great if something along these lines could work in your plugin.

As a bit of a background: my use case is in the space of legal documents. I like that the results of your plugin cannot be copied and pasted easily, which adds a layer of additional security to the lawyers.

Also, I don’t want to send potentially confidential documents to over a REST to an external server where I don’t have control over their whereabouts. But the lawyers will take issue with a document where a line is potentially split.

Anyway, great work so far with the plugin.

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My friend discovered that the streak goes away when the outsets are turned off.
It doesn’t happen if I create the pdf on my phone.

Would you suggest a workflow to turn off the outset before pdf?
Is that possible or some other config?

Hi @michaelc1 ,

It would be easier to reply if we could see your page layout and plugin settings. Probably you need to capture another element by its id to avoid that black margin from your previous screenshot.

In short, I would suggest you to put your elements you want to export in one group (Group A) and your control elements in another one (Group B). Do not put the Group B inside of the Group A and export the Group A.

I hope this is enough information.
When outset is 0 it works great. But dark areas when they are on.


I did this - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
Thank you for your help so far.
I appreciate it.

Hi @michaelc1 ,

Thank you for the provided details!
Hum… From your screenshots it looks like you are probably not using our plugin but another one (from another developer).

Could you please check the Plugins page?

Our plugin should look like this:

Well, don’t I have egg on my face :slight_smile:
Let me try it out.
Will respond soon