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💥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Export to PDF: Whole Page / Single Element

Hi @BubbleSam, thanks for your reply.

Do you know any workarounds that can allow me to export also the hidden part of the table?

The amount of data in the table is dynamic (it depends on what the user inputs) so the size of the table can´t be fixed.


I am struggling while trying to export an element as PDF.
The core problem is the gap between pages:

In some cases, we cant read what is inside this gap, and as this is a kind of Invoice, I cant send this way.
Can someone help me?


Thank you!

Hi @d.dominguezribeiro ,

If the Selected HTML elements are too large, they will be splitted into multiple pages (of A4 format in your case). To fix the mentioned issue, you can add a bigger margin before your table header.

A this element is large, sometimes more than 4 pages, is that possible to ignore this kind o break?
Or atleast not cut between groups or text?

You can provide 4 selectors to the plugin and it will fit each element on a separate page. So you’ll always have 4 pages without unexpected breaks.

My element is a repeating group, this repeating group is a invoice.
As I fill it with more itens, it will grow, given that, I can’t predict the exact size, and I can’t cut this in 4 elements.
Is there any solution to this?

Any solution to this pdf generating with black parts?

the option “proxy” is on.


This plugin was simple to set up and it’s been working great…at least I thought it was. It works great on ios devices, but it doesn’t at all on android. Is there a limitation there?

Here’s how I have it set up.


Like I say it works perfectly on apple.


It seems that it’s a data connection issue?? The text data goes through, but not the pdf. So far it’s only happened with android devices, but those same devices work in other locations. It appears to always go through, regardless, on IOS.


Firstly, thank you for such a great plugin. We’ve tried a few others and this is by far the best. We have a html graph that doesn’t appear to be converting to PDF (image attached). We tried putting an individual tag on it however, that did not seem to help. If anyone had a solution that would be much appreciated.