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💥 [PLUGIN RELEASE] Advanced Export to PDF: Whole Page / Single Element

How do you control page breaks with dynamic content?

You have to provide one or more “selectors”. Each selector will be placed on a separate page. Cheek out the demo for more details :slight_smile:

how can I configure the plugin so that the text does not get cut when it is splited to another page. It’s the dynamic content from reapiting group - export the whole RG as one element.

Hi there,

You have to export one element per page so it won’t break the text

As I wrote, it’s dynamic content - it means that it’s not possible to define the amount of elements

Got it. Well, what you are looking for doesn’t exist :slight_smile: I mean that there is no a PDF export plugin for Bubble that can keep the text and put the 100% accurate page breaks.

Other plugins put the breaks (almost) randomly. Our plugin has 2 modes: it can split the pages automatically or (for better results) you will need to select elements for each page.

Hi Sam,

Please check the resolution of the PDF generated. If you zoom it for 500% fonts get blurred. You can check it with your demo page as well.

I’m not trying to find any fault with your product. Your solution is the best PDF plugin so far. It allows me to dynamically pick elements. That made me to buy your plugin.

Please recheck and try to improve the quality of the output. Because, from my end, no point of make things bigger to get a good output.

There is another plugin available in the marketplace which is similar to your one. Output is really good. But they don’t have the option to dynamically pick the element.

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Hi @navindra.sen ,
Thank you for you for your feedback!

That’s correct, at 500% the fonts get a bit blurred:

While it’s still readable and in most cases should be enough, we’ll try to check what we can do here. Because increasing the quality can increase the file size unexpectedly.

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