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[plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps

I just tested on the facebook debugger. It works. Also tested some of my subpages with a different domain and that works.

There is something wrong with your config. There is no bug in the plugin.

This is my config, can you tell me what is wrong with it?

SaasAlias – Add / Update Redirect settings:

request_path: /test
redirect_page: redirect
redirect_path: /redirect/test


Strange. Nothing else? Do you have the log files can you enable debug mode. Revisit page an send me logfiles in the dm?

Hi @gaimed,
Can I use your plugin that example, my bubble app URL is (built with bubble) and (not built with bubble) and I want to show my bubble app as subfolder like ?

Kind regards,


No thats not possible. Bubble prevents index pages to have a slug.

Did you managed to figure out the problem with the subdomain not working across versions?

What do you mean?

Hello @gaimed .

So I created a a version outside of development to test the implementation os saasalias. On that version everything works fine. once I deployed that version into development suddenly, on version-test it doesn’t work anymore and I get a blank page. The weird part is that when I use this tool CNAME Lookup - MxToolbox to look up the urls it works on a live url, and all other versions other than version-test. Any idea?

@gaimed I get an error 301

You have to redeploy everything on live again

If you use the same domain for test and live. Then its browser/dns cache.

I have tried to create create one subdomain in version-test and even in incognito in won’t open which is weird. When you say to redeploy do I have to delete those subdomains first?

I would like to know how this plugin works for websites when they open in Safari (iOS/iphone)? Are you having a problem with the cookie?

From what I’ve seen, it generates an iframe and that gives a problem for anyone accessing from Safari if I generate an iframe manually.

The same happens in this plugin? Or does the cookie work perfectly on iOS?

Yes. And dont use same domain in test and live versions

It works in ios because it doesnt use iframes.

Hi @gaimed, will slug path for this on the different domain works ?
As 1 of my pages for my whitelabel is using random slug path for it to show the data.

Example :
bubbleapp. com/pro/abc
bubbleapp. com/pro/def

@gaimed is it possible to deploy different metadata for lets say:

Yes that would work

Jups that would work

Hi everyone,

Due to changes in netlify everyone will need to move their domains to their own netlify account. The build in netlify will stop working.

If you need the sites deleted from the default netlify. I will do that for free. End of february all sites will be deleted from the default netlify and need to be moved to your own netlify.