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[plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps

Hi I’ve noticed any new subdomains I am creating are getting site load errors! Does any know why?

Here is the response from Netlify:

Are you using beta deploy or normal?

Using Deploy - everything working fine up until last few days.

Here is my workflow >

Thanks for looking into this. Another question from Netlify when Ive asked about the errors:

Working on a fix

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Going to deploy a fix later today

Pushed an update to fix any bugs with netlify!

We updated to version 1.1.1 of the plugin, and still getting the same issue as described above. It seems like the site_id value of the config is not being populated.

Hey @gaimed — was having the same issue. Just updated to our latest version, deployed, and still getting the “HTTP ERROR 500” message. Any help getting this resolved would be hugely appreciated.

I am investigating guys… No idea what is happening. Will update asap!

Not sure if this issue is related to the current challenges @gaimed - I’m trying to setup a new domain and this is the error I get in the logs when updating the metadata or setting up a redirect. “SaasAlias: site not deployed or password is incorrect” . I haven’t changed the password.

I found that the error is originating from netlify. They somehow changed how they work. I am going thru the code line by line to see where the error is… currently can’t find it…

I am waiting on netlify support

Any updates? I’d like to start using SaasAlias but waiting hear that it’s working as expected again first. Also, if you get a chance to reply to my DM that would be great thanks!


Got a response from netlify. Send more details.

Problem is that the same code that was working for the last 2 years, is now giving a 500 error (and and all logs are empty). Making it very difficult to debug.

Got the code working in vercel (instead of netlify). If netlify doesnt fix/respond soon enough ill start working on a backup and launch it on vercel.

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Thanks gaimed…

Got some support from netlify. Send them all the code. Hopefully they able to figure it out soon.

Also in the mean time trying to get a vercel version up and running.

Still working with netlify on a solution. But looks like it will difficult to debug.

I am done with an alternative (more stable, faster and easy) solution. I am currently converting that into a new plugin (hopefully be able to release it end of the week). I asked bubble for a list of current subscribers to “SaasAlias - Multiple domains”. All those subscribers will get 3 month’s free access to the new plugin (plugin will be called Domains by NoCodeMayo).