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[plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps

I just discovered SaasAlias isn’t working anymore. Do you have any updates about an upcoming fix?

This is crazy. I wish I had known this sooner.

I was working on my project and wanted to try something out, only to discover that my homepage no longer works.

I saw your announcement of NoCodeMayo on Twitter and assume you build it on top of Saas Alias. Now I understand it is a fix for this current situatioen.

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Yes, this is not normal as apps in production are impacted with no more consideration that “move from saasalias to another plugin, you have 3 months free of charge”. I wish I had known this problem before, too, but now i know I won’t pay anything for this new plugin and his author, not serious.

I understand your frustration. But what I also see is that the author has ended up in a situation that he can do nothing about. As annoying as that situation is, he does try to offer an alternative.

Hi Mike,

As I was not able to communicate to any of the plugin owners (I asked bubble for a list of appname and contact info) I could not inform anyone except using the forum. I did communicate a couple of hours after I found out the plugin was not working on the forum

I did what I could by setting other work aside and launching nocodemayo asap. Its works but I can’t transfer the current customers or setup to nocodemayo.

NoCodeMayo is fully managed by me (so no more limitations of bubble or netlify anymore). I was building to do other stuff (like adding custom domains to notion pages) but I was able to add bubble functionality to it.

@Christophe_HK You had a free licence to saasalias on your app. I understand your frustrations but I am still trying to solve it with netlify. But because they are very slow I dont think a solution will be in sight soon.

Hi Guys,

As I cannot get netlify solution working (at least for now). I am working on a solution that will allow to redirect all trafic from netlify to nocodemayo (so there is a migration path). No idea if this will working but I am trying.



If my Bubble app is already live on a subdomain (not a root domain). Can I still use NoCodeMayo to have more than one subdomain going to the same app or does the domain name in bubble need to be a root domain e.g. not for this to work?

Yes that will work. Just fill in your set domain (subdomain) when it asks for your app domain. After that you can add any domains to it.

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply!

Do you need to use the plugin for NoCodeMayo or can you set it all up just here? -

Getting this error?

Hi @mitchell2,

Fixed it. Should work. Added a free month to your account because of that bug (also fixed the bug).

You don’t need the plugin. You can manage anything using

Solution for netlify

Hi everyone, I found a solution for netlify (it redirects the traffic without the user knowing to This will allow you to maintain the current (sub)domains pointing to netlify while new users/domains can point to nocodemayo (vercel).

If you want to migrate, please send me a DM.

Hello, how do I hide routes like this “/store/named” or “/store?named” ?

Always show routes on new domain.

Hi there. Did you look ad the documentation and then the advanced section?

@gaimed Why don’t you share the solution? My app is basically broken at this point! Is saasalias useless now? Do I delete it?

Sure if you want to implement it yourself. Here you go:

from = “/*”
to = “https://nocodemayo.vercel.url/:splat
status = 200
headers = {X-Netlify-Host = “”}

You need to create a list of those redirects and then change to host to your nocodemayo host. And change x-netlify-host to the host your are trying to redirect.

Also you need to add all those domains to

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Hi @gaimed !

I’m already using your new plugin NoCodeMayo and it’s working like a charm, really impressive job :clap:!

Furthermore, I’d like to suggest adding to the documentation of the plugin the trick of disabling “Redirect all requests to the domain (” from Bubble app settings since I think it’s necessary for this plugin as well (as it was for the SaasAlias plugin).

On the other hand, I find a curious thing (I guess related to how Bubble works and not sure if you could fix it) that if I want to debug the page using “debug_mode=true” in a new domain different than the Bubble one, it’s not working. I mean, if I do:
“” → It works
“/version-test/?debug_mode=true” → It redirects to “/version-test/”, where “mynewdomain” is configured as Domain in the plugin.

Also, I have the Crisp extension installed in our webside (as you have now :slight_smile: ) and it says “Invalid website error” using my new domain. I guess I should create a new webside in Crisp configuration using my new domain.

Thanks again for this amazing plugin!

Hi there,

Thanks for the compliments!

  1. For the “Redirect all requests to the domain (”. Bubble removed that on new domains and is removing that on others as well. I would recommend setting the domain u use in your domain tab as the main domain in nocodemayo.

  2. Debugging doesn’t work for custom domains inside nocodemayo because bubble does a validation based on the domain it knows. And domains setup inside nocodemayo are unkown to bubble

  3. crisp you just need to add your domains to settings->website settings

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Hi everyone.

I wont be able to fix saasalias due to not figuring out whats happening on netlify.

Currently is working great and also I am able to offer a migration from netlify to nocodemayo.

I will be launching nocodemayo soon when the new ui is done. Nocodemayo will allow us to offer a long term stable solution with an sla thanks to vercel infrastructure.

Sorry for any inconvenience and hope to serve you better with nocodemayo.

From my understanding, we can add multiple domains, however it looks as though bubble has no idea about those domains, so there would be no way to create logic within bubble to say if domain = x do y? I’m trying to build a reseller platform that has custom domains which also means I need to process payments different for each reseller, and currently I don’t believe bubble or any plugin would support this.

Would this be correct?