[PLUGIN] STICKBOX | Scroll with your page functionality

Hello friends! Noticed one of my plugins needed some updating and that some people have used it and was not able to figure it out… so I completely rewrote the plugin and am now glad to say it’s ready for a public post.




Create beautiful and extensive pages with STICKBOX. Utilize the elements state to make your pages come alive.


  • Fully responsive.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Set your own off-set.
  • Can run multiple on one page at anyime.

  • This was called StickerPro but I felt it needed a rename.
  • I remade the demo (last one was sketch, IDK why I even published with it).
  • Now fully rewritten and completely responsive to your parent container.
  • No more target ID to anchor the element to. It just works.
  • You can now offset the height of the box to accumulate for a fixed header if need-be.
  • Supports mutable observer changes in real-time if needed.

If anyone wants to suggest a feature, let me know! I’d be glad to try to incorporate it.

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