[PLUGIN] Stripe Card Reader: Accept in-person payments

Hey Bubblers,

I’m happy to announce the release of our first plugin: Stripe Card Reader.

Now, your bubble app can accept in-person payments with Stripe’s Verifone p400 and a Stripe Account.

Here’s the plugin page and accompanying directions for implementation

Here’s a live demo

Here’s more information on the p400 reader

Here’s more information about how the p400 works with Stripe

Features include:

-Wifi compatible

-Bluetooth Compatible

-Apple Play Accepted

-Google Pay Accepted

-NFC/CTLS capable

-EMV capable for increased fraud protection

-PCI PTS 5.x approved

Benefits include:

-Unify your payments stack for online and offline payments

-Customize your own in-store experience and app experience i.e. begin the customer flow via app and finish with payment in person

-Scale with ease: Easily manage in-person payments logistics at scale with Stripe’s centralized fleet management tools. Order and dropship new hardware, configure readers remotely, and monitor device status.

Please do not hesitate to respond with questions here or contact us directly at: maoz@variantim.com

Happy Building!


Does this plugin work with all Stripe terminal readers or just the p400? As I understand it only the BBPOS WisePOS E is available in the U.K.

Also does it support recurring payment of subscriptions?


We are launching a shop on Oct 24 using your card reading plugin.

I get the actions for creating Locations and Readers working fine.

But, Authorize and Capture Payment, seems not to execute at all. Bubbles progress bar does not show up asif I use Create Payment Intent.

I get the same effect clicking on the button Capture Bill Payment in your demo app.

Also, when using this action:

I get this error message:

Would appreciate guidance since we are in a hurry. :grinning:

~ Peter

Even if I leave important fields blank I get now error, making me wonder if the actions is fired at all?

Hi Phill,
Sorry for the late response…
Is it still relevant? if so can we do a meeting to support?
please contact me at hr.services@mstaffiservices.com
Maoz S.

Hi Andy,
just p400 or now…
it doesn’t support recurring payments of subscriptions, but if it will help you we can improve.
if its still relevant please contact me at hr.services@mstaffiservices.com
Maoz S

Changed email to hr.services@mstaffiservices.com

I am curious about this as well as the P400 is no longer available in Canada. The WisePOS E is the recommended terminal to use to process CAD though. Does the plugin work with that terminal yet?

Hi, Sorry for the late response, yes it supported…