[PLUGIN] - TinyMCE Advanced (v6)

Here’s how it looks: Exploring Repeating Groups and Text Input in Loom | Loom

And here’s what the database entry of the note looks like:


@pork1977gm Hi Paul, thanks a lot for the plugin, already subscribed to it.
I’m having an issue though when trying to resize the editor, it jumps up anyway (see the gif below). Is there something in settings that causes it? Thanks a lot.

4-23-2024 (18-08-07)

Hi, I’ve not seen this occur before, can I jump into your editor and take a look at the settings so I can try and replicate it?

Sent in PM.

We’re having perhaps a similar problem- it appears that version 1.56.0 introduces a min height param, which we’re experiencing actually sets the height of the editor window to that exact pixel amount (which defaults to 165 px). Instead of being a minimum, it for some reason seems to set it there and can’t be changed.

Rolling back to version 1.55 seems to fix for us, with the height of the editor being fit to the content. How can we upgrade and preserve this functionality?

hi @aaroncohn

Can you try the version I’ve pushed and let me know how you get on with it?
There’s a fix applied to do with the initial content setting, where that would just keep on being re-applied to the editor when the enter key was pressed (new line).

I’ve also moved those 4 dimensions fields right down to the bottom in their own section and updated all the text/descriptions there. The default value for the min height has now gone.

During testing, the only time I’ve seen what you’ve described with a fixed height, is when the dynamic updates option is set to Yes. I would set that to No unless you have a specific need for it. The snapping issue, where it jumps back still illudes me, I’m not entirely sure why that is happening but the min height setting should stop that if you set it and have the ‘autoresize’ plugin enabled.

Either way, let me know how you get on and if you’re still having any problems, just send me a PM with some screenshots of the configuration so I can replicate the same problem, figure out what’s going on and fix it.


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I cant save data as a text or html ans diplay it inside for example a HTML element.

For example I Use WYSIWYGtinyMce for Blogs and when I save data I save it as a html content and thet make a PDF of a page that has HTML element inside that contains Editor’s content.

For example :
Medical report : patient name etc, than content of it is where I would like to input data or text content( or HTML ) from TinyMce 6 .

How can I store the data from this editor into the database?

Hi @enismekic91

Are you doing this?