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Plugin to access phonebook (contacts - name and number - of phone)

hi Bubblers

I am looking for a plugin that allows the bubble application to access the phone contacts (number and name) of the cell phone. The aim is to give the user the possibility to select contacts from the cell phone and import them into the bubble application.
I did not find any plugin that does this, do you know any to recommend me?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi @gabriel3 … I’m wondering if you ever got an answer to this. I have recently wrapped my app with BK Native, and while it has a function to add contacts from device, it is VERY slow (unless you use extended vertical scrolling on your RG, which only adds the first 20 or so contacts quickly, and doing it this way would eliminate the possibility of using a search query because it only searches what has been loaded). I’m hoping you may have found a solution along your quest. Please let me know, if you could. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Hello @DiggDang unfortunately, so far, BDK Native is the only option I found.

Sorry to hear that, @gabriel3… thanks for the update. Best of luck and I’ll update if I find anything better.

@gabriel3 & @DiggDang - Just bumping to see if anything has changed in the past few months. Fingers crossed.

If anyone knows of a solution I’d love to hear. Thank you!

Just letting you know I found @johnmark 's post on creating a native iOS/Android app so the user can access phone contacts. This is probably more than you want to do but this blows my mind. Thanks @JohnMark

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Hi @will6… yes, I built with BDK Native. While that alone could pull contacts quickly, per my last post, there were some limitations for how I wanted to use it.

I did have a chat session with @gaurav who developed BDK Native and he helped me in many ways, in even more ways than I would say he was obligated to. I did have to purchase a couple of additional plugins to extract the data from the Repeating Groups (I want to say it was about $80 total). After wrestling with it for a couple of weeks later, I finally got it close to the way I was hoping.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

@DiggDang Let me make sure I have this right. You are able to pull phone contacts from a bubble web app? Or is it on mobile? $80 seems like a no brainer if you are able to do this. Really appreciate it. Thanks!

I think you may be confused (and I may have done a poor job explaining). BDK Native is a wrapping service that is offered to make your Native Bubble App a Native App for use in iOS App Store and Google Play Store… it’s your web app but available as a native app download on those stores. As part of BDK Native, they offer additional native features, one of which is pulling contacts. A couple of additional plugins got to using those contacts that were pulled in a more advanced way.

It cannot pull contacts as a web app though. Lots of discussion on the board (from my previous research) where a web-based app cannot access local data on a device. It makes sense that it wouldn’t. You’d need to wrap it through that Jasonelle thing you found above, or use a service like BDK Native.

Hope that’s more clear for you. :slight_smile:

I am also using BDK native, and able to successfully populate a repeating group with devices contacts, currently pulling my hair as to how to implement a search feature(since scrolling all the contacts is absurd)
If you can share how you were able to do it, i would be able to breathe again.
Thank you.

TBH, I did this almost a year ago, and it was really complex (took me about a month!), so I know how you’re feeling. Guarav did help me immensely, so it may be best to reach out to him, as I am not confident in how I explain this… Nonetheless, I’ll try:

I needed to pull email addresses for the contacts in the user’s device.

Gaurav showed me that I can use his other plugin called “RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk)” (paid $40, I think), which gives you RG Data and RG Extractor elements. So on page load, I have a BN-address book pulling all contacts and RG Data pulling that in one element (not showing to the user anywhere). Then, I have a SECOND repeating group that has RG Data and RG Extractor elements in it to pull individual contacts that are constrained (in the Data Source for the RG) to the Search Box being filled out.

Then, I have another RG Data B that is pulling the data (ie. results) from that second RG.

Then, the FIRST repeating group that is only visible as soon as the user types anything in the search box will appear, and it’s data source is RG Data B. I’ll attach a screenshot of that second Repeating Group.

I’m not sure if this will help at all. I hope it does.

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Thank you so much brother.
This helped me a lot.

Happy to help! Good luck! :slight_smile:

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