Plugin "Toolit Kit" \ Action "For Each" => all result in one action

Hello everyone


Create Marker in a map for each point of a list

In Design : I have configured “ForEach A” containing the list of point
In Workflow : I have configured “Start For Each For EAch A” followed by "Javascript action "

I am expecting to have something like
Point1(1, 1)
Point2(2, 2)
Point3(3, 3)

Instead I have
Point (,1,1,2,2,3,3,…)

I am wondering how I can manage to have these information independantly.

Maybe @AliFarahat can have an idea ?

Thanks !

Auto-answering my question.

In Design : I have configured “ForEach A” containing the list of point
In Workflow : WHEN Button clic => Step1 : Start ForEach
In Workflow : WHEN "For Each execution=> Step1 : Run Javascript

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Hey @sangeethasn52

I know you already solved the issue. But what where you trying to accomplish with these points. Maybe I have a more elegant solution for you

Hi @AliFarahat,

As you said, I have found a solution, but I am not sure it is the best way to do it. I would be please to have some advice from you and thanks again for the plugin.

The big picture is :
From on Open Data, I have a result API in a list that contains point (Name, Description, Position, Date)
For each Point in the state list (Result of API Call), I would like to execute a Javascript function that creates a marker on the map.

So that when I clic on the marker I can have, in Bubble, all information (Name, Description, Position, Date)

Is that clear enough ? Do you have something in mind ?

Thanks !

Why don’t you store the result in a state, then use add market list to point to the state and process the markers?

Don’t know if that makes enough sense. Let me know or you can share the API details I can get an example setup