[Plugin Update 11 Mar 2020] Google Maps (bdk)

so here’s how i have it setup:

PAGE>Group Routes>Group MapRow>Group MainMap>bdkElement

this is the map element’s Layout settings:

this is the group the map is inside of:

and that group is inside this Row:

which is inside this column:

Page settings:

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Wow, it works! In the “Responsive” view it still looks messed up but in the real preview it works. Thank you so much!

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happy to help :slight_smile: i actually forgot that responsive tab was there, i never use it lol

Hi @gaurav I’m assessing this plugin for one of my apps and I’m hoping you can answer a couple of questions for me:

1 - Is an API call made every time the map is moved and/or zoomed?
2 - Is the map element fully responsive?