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[Plugin Update 11 Mar 2020] Google Maps (bdk)

@it1 yes the content can be dynamic but it can’t be changed conditionally after that (i.e. the first provided value is the style applied when map is loaded)

Hi Gaurav,

Great plugin, thanks. The ability to display a route from KML/geoJSON data (via file upload) would be immensely helpful. Any chance this we’ll see this feature soon?


Thanks for the feedback @robhblake!
I’ll prioritize the feature once I get to updating this plugin. I can’t commit to the timeline yet but it would be a couple of weeks I think :frowning:

Hi Gaurav, will this plugin enable me to create my own custom territories based on suburbs, postcodes or other polygon data? Like tableau (coloured outline and shaded inside polygon?) And if yes, is there any interaction available with that (such as click through to send data to a group or pop-up?)


I’m using this plugin, and your marker 3 doesn’t work properly. The menu is out of order for that marker, and the visible marker 3 doesn’t work at all. 1, 2, and 4 do. 5 probably (never tried).

Please fix.

Also, can your please add a bit more wording to the conditionals to define which “data source” is which. Right now you just have a list of 5 data sources, and I just have to assume they are in order from 1 to 5.

Thank you.

Hi @brett.miles,

Hmm not sure how a bubble user would provide this info from the editor. How does this input information look for google maps… is this using KML layers or something? Would be great if you could point me to some page in google maps documentation showing an example

Hi @troy.roberge,
Will look into this.
I’m not sure I understood the menu order point. Can you elaborate on that? Also can you confirm you’re using the latest version of the plugin

Hello @gaurav

Here are some screen shots. I hope this helps. It would be nice if you were able to properly label these items so they aren’t ambiguous. With the Marker 3, that entire marker didn’t work well for me (so I skipped and went to Marker 4). But if you could please fix this, as I will need that Marker soon, I would appreciate it.

Please let us all know when these fixes are pushed, and also what your ETA is on this corrective action.

Aside from the fixes, the plugin works extremely well, and I would highly recommend it.


Thanks for bringing the bug to notice. Appreciate it!
It was a typo on my part. The visible markers 5 were being populated into visible markers 3.
I’ve pushed an update which

  1. Fixes the visible markers 3 bug
  2. Adds number at the end of field name labels to correctly identify in conditionals.
  3. Fixes the order in editor of label and info window html fields

Simply update the plugin to latest are you should be good.


Good man! Thank you!

@gaurav, How does the cluster function work? I see where I can add a pin for the cluster but I can’t get the results to actually cluster. That’s a lot of clusters in one sentence :laughing:

I didn’t realize it did clusters!

Yes, please @gaurav explain!

Ha! this is more like a feature leak I guess :slight_smile: I haven’t release the update with clusters yet so I’m wondering where you saw the field to provide the pin. Maybe I pushed the input ahead of time by mistake. But yes support for clusters is on the way!

Not yet but soon! :slight_smile:


Omg, you mean my map that looks like crap will start to look less cluttered and more awesome?

Please go go go!

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What is a good size for the custom marker icons? is svg supported?

@gaurav small png looks pretty blurry and svg get’s massive. Is there a way to limit svg max size?

yes the content can be dynamic but it can’t be changed conditionally after that (i.e. the first provided value is the style applied when map is loaded)

Hi @boostsalesgroup,

Google map icons are typically 32x32 or 40x40 depending on the actual icon
I don’t recommend using SVGs btw as they take more compute power (since each instance is a calculated drawn image) vs. an image file, especially since the number of markers can be many

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This application really looks great. Who has already been using it for some time? What are your findings? I would like to use this app for my Airbnb to create maps for area. And please tell me where to look for a detailed manual. It would be also nice to know some hints and advice on how to make the most of the app. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hello Bubblers,

Here’s another set of awesome updates to the plugin based on your requests :smiley: Google Maps (bdk) plugin :smiley:

New Features Added in this Update:

  1. Marker clustering :fire:: Automatically clusters marker set based on the current zoom level
    • Individual marker sets get individual clusters to keep them distinct
  2. Marker info auto-close :speedboat:: Info window of an open marker auto closes on pressing a new marker
  3. Auto-zoom to fit markers :globe_with_meridians:: Automatically zooms and positions the map such to an extent and area that all the visible markers are covered. You can set this
    • Automatically when the map data is loaded
    • Anytime after that using the element action ‘Zoom to fit markers’
  4. KML Layers: Simply provide the list of KML files and the KML layer data from each file will be auto applied to map on load
  5. GeoJson Data: Simply provide the list of GeoJson files and the GeoJson data from each file will be auto displayed on the map on load

Already Existing Features:

  1. Types: Terrain,satelite,roadmap,hybrid
  2. Action controls: Set initial center & zoom controls. Change anytime or pan to another address via workflow action
  3. Layers: Add traffic, transit & bike layers on top of your map dynamically
  4. Styles: Choose from hundreds of map themes (e.g. night mode, assassin’s creed, Uber) online and apply in a single paste of text
  1. Multiple marker sets:
  • Add upto 5 sets of markers
  • Each marker set can have different data source
  • Select address, label, icon, info window for each marker set
  • Each set can have its own default marker icon
  • Each marker itself is fully customizable - icon, label, location & infowindow text
  1. Marker custom icons:
  • Define default icon for each marker set
  • Customize individual marker icons via data source field. If empty, automatically switches to marker set’s default icon
  1. Marker Info windows: Customize the content that shows up in the info window that pops up, on every single marker (html accepted).
  2. Visible markers: Automatically outputs all visible markers that the user can see, for each marker set
  3. Custom controls: Choose which controls are displayed on map - fullscreen, zoom, map type, street view etc.
  4. Marker workflows: Trigger workflows on any click of any marker. Also use the corresponding data in your workflow

Demo here .
Editor here .

Happy Bubbling,

cc @troy.roberge @robhblake @eli @brett.miles @mirko.heimburger