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[Plugin Update: 2021] TechBlocks Charts and Graphs (Chart.js)

@alex4 Hi Alex, I am using the plugin to view data from multiple users. Unfortunately, when changing users, the charts are sometimes cashing some data from a previous user. Is there a way to clear data through workflow or somehow avoid cashing?

Hi @tarekroustom – thanks for reaching out!

There actually is no caching of values on the charts so perhaps there is a issue with the implementation in the Bubble editor. Could you DM me a link to your Bubble editor and point to where you’re seeing the issue?

Update v4.14.15: Page Load Performance Improvements – Moved Chart.js Javascript Libraries to Element Level from Plugin Level

Hi all, I’ve pushed an update that should improve the page load speeds of apps with this Chart plugin. This update makes it so that (a) the Chart plugin does not load Chart.js libraries on pages that do not have the Charts on it and (b) only loads libraries related to Charts that are on that specific page (for example, if you only have a Bar Chart on a page, the page will not load Scatter Chart-related libraries).

Thanks for the request @mihira and @dan.artmx!



Thanks @alex4 ! Just tested the latest update and actual page load time for non-chart pages are faster. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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Thanks a bunch! I appreciate your efforts to make this plugin better every day. Now it’s a no-brainer! Congrats

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When you’ve got a chance, do the same fix on your other plugin “Funnel & Sales Funnel Charts”. I’m going to buy both.

Thanks again.

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@mihira and @dan.artmx – great to hear the update improves page speed for non-chart pages! Hope this can be very helpful to all users.

When you’ve got a chance, do the same fix on your other plugin “Funnel & Sales Funnel Charts”. I’m going to buy both.

@dan.artmx Yep, I have this for my todo list today/tomorrow! Keep you posted when it’s ready.

Hey @dan.artmx – just pushed an update for the Funnel Chart plugin (v1.10.0) to make it compatible with the latest updates on this Chart.js plugin. Let me know if you have any questions!


Update v4.15.4: Multi-Colored Bar Chart Series Now Supported

Hi all, I’m pretty excited about this release since I’ve gotten several requests to enable making each Bar of a single serie a different color – I’ve just pushed an update that enables the customization. Here is the new field (at the bottom of the properties of the workflow action when adding a Serie to a Bar Chart):

Here is a demo of what it looks like in run mode:


Hi, I have been using the draggable points feature for line charts and it works well. I am however stuck in trying to save these values back to a state or database. I have tried custom events such as Index number = X or an input (showing the draggable end value) changing as triggers but nothing works. It would be great to be able to read off the changed chart value based on series index numbers in a workflow to be able to save the altered (dragged) values.

Is there another way I am missing?

Hey @christo1 – thanks for the feedback and hope all is well!

There was actually a bug with the event that was firing when items were dragged on a chart. I’ve pushed a fix in v4.17.1 and greater so it should now be working properly. I’ve also added a draggable items example complete with a call back to the database to update values in the DB.

Let me know how that helps!

Thank you again for the wonderfully responsive support. I’ll check it out soon and get back to you if I have any difficulties.

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Fantastic, thanks for the kind words.

Let me know how testing out the new feature goes!

Hi @alex4 ! just wanted to come by and thank you for your constant work and updates in the plugin.

One bug I found is in the complex calculations element, the “divide” option is not dividing but multiplying, tried multiplying to see if it was swapped but no. Hopefully this is an easy quick fix.

Thank you!

@aestela thanks for the kind words! Always appreciate hearing when you all are have a good experience.

Thanks for letting me know about that issue, I’ll take a look today and hopefully have a fix by the end of the day.


Update v4.18.0: Mixed Charts: Ability to turn on/off axes ticks inpendently for Y Axis “A” and Y Axis "B"

Hi all, just pushed an update for Mixed Charts that will allow you to turn on/off Axes Ticks (i.e. the tick labels up and down the Y Axes) independently for each axes in the Mixed Charts. This should be helpful for those who only need one axis for their mixed charts!


Update v4.19.2: Complex List Calculations: Fixed issue associated with dividing two lists against each other

@aestela FYI this is ready – thanks a ton for the request here. Please keep them coming!

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It is working flawlessly now. Thank you!

Great to hear @christo1 – don’t hesitate to reach out with more feedback, my friend!

Any update on the possibility of a map chart?