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[Plugin update 2023] ChartJS - Charts and Graphs (TechBlocks)

@aestela great to hear it worked out!

I’ll look into the other request as well.

Is there any way the chart can default to showing negative values in a different solid color rather than trying to color code each bar?

I saw the gradients were working like this to some degree but I couldn’t get it to match the project specs.

I ran into some issues loading the list of number into a custom state. When I was converting the values to numbers (from an arbitrary list of text), I found that you have to make sure to not include a space between commas or else it will flip negative values to positive.
First attempt: 12, -12 Conversion result: 12,12
Second attempt: 12,-12 Conversion result: 12,-12

End result, I have it working. Ideally I might code the color of the last bar differently as it represents a sum of the previous bars, but that is not something I am hitting up today : )

Hi everyone!

can anyone tell me why my X Axis date appears repeated?


Is there a help file for setting up the plugin and API to show stock price charts? When I go to your ‘Bubble plugin page:’ I see many charts but not stock price charts.

Also, not sure if you know but your dedicated page for price charts simply links back to unrelated pages.

I am unfamiliar with how to use APIs so need step by step help.

@alex4 There are a lot of questions about your Beautiful Toggle plugin going unanswered. We are receiving errors with the plugin. Please assist. Thank you.

can you show us the X-Axis Values?

hi @darren.james7518 , you can use line chart as an alternative.

Sure. Here you have it

It’s so confusing, when I go to ‘instructions’ on the page for Candlestick Charts by TechBlocks I am diverted to TechBlocks | Bubble Plugins which has links on the left, non of which help me set up a price chart. For a paid plugin you should really have clear instructions. Can you help with a simply link to a website (which will not redirect) and will tell me step by step how to use the plugin I bought!?

Could you share a link with your editor so we can take a look? Make
sure to add [email protected] as a collaborator or temporarily set
the permission to “Everyone can Edit”. I will try to check and solve
the issue and will give you an update afterward.

Hello @ken1 May I know how we can help you?

I get an error if I try to set the state (yes or no) via workflow. I need to use it that way but cannot.

Just to verify that this is occurring using the beautiful toogle Plug-in right?

@darren.james7518 thanks for your patience here and for letting us know a link might be broken.

When visiting this URL:

And clicking the Candlestick Charts article:

It shouldn’t be redirecting you away from that demo page (at least, I can’t reproduce that issue).

Here’s a screenshot of that page and a link to the editor in case helpful:

Are those the documentation pages you’re trying to visit?

When you get to the page above, if you click on ‘Instructions’ you go to a webpage which quickly redirects to the page below. The page below does not relate to instruction for installing candle stick price charts, it simply advertises your plugins.


Yes, thank you. I’ve just answered you on the Toggle thread.