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[Plugin Update: Oct 17, 2019] BDK Text Editor

Hello Bubblers,

Check out the screenshots below for a very cool set of updates to the Better Text Editor plugin :smiley:

Simply update the version if you’ve already installed. If not, subscribe from the plugins tab or check out the details in this thread.

Happy Bubbling!!

Bubble Developer Kit


Mentions and Hashtags (full integration with bubble database)


Image drag-and drop

Inline Image resizing

Emoji support


Amazing!! :smiley: Thank you so much for these updates, @gaurav!!

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This looks really great. Anyway that you would consider a one time purchase instead of $4/month. The plugins just add up fast and would rather just pay an upfront cost one time. Maybe just consider it? :slight_smile:

I totally empathize with you about the costs adding up. Hence the low price (note that plugin costs are prorated per usage). If you take a 6-month use into account that would be $24 (out of which bubble takes a 25% cut and tax folks take another 30% so as a developer I only earn like $1-2 per month).

I am really hoping the plugin store is upgraded with new pricing models atleast in 6-8 months. Whenever this occurs, I’ll dramatically reduce prices. In that scenario you’d actually end up paying less for a lot more. It’s a leap of faith on my end :smiley:.

In contrast if things stay as is today (i.e. no new pricing models supported), you’d be paying the same as potential one-time pricing (of say $48) but only for the first year. Then at the same or lower price going forward . So it’s about taking that leap of faith on your end :smiley:


I hope as you that the store improves pricing options considering the following options.

  • Free trials
  • Bundles
  • Coupons
  • One fee plugin + Annual support License + Extensions

Going back on-topic. Very neat plugin with mentions and hashtags included. I would bet it will be one of your most popular plugins very soon :slight_smile:

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[New Plugin updates] 11/10/2018

  1. Added ability to dynamically change placeholder in conditional formatting
  2. Added ability to dynamically set initial content in conditional formatting
  3. Added element action ‘Toggle read-only mode’ to enable or disable read-only mode on better text editor via workflow

Enjoy the Better Text Editor !!


Plugin Update (Dec 6):
You can now paste images from clipboard.
Simply update the plugin in your plugins tab and refresh your bubble app.

Feel free to try it out at the demo page

Enjoy! :smiley:

Are images and media added via the Bdk Editor saved as public files? If yes, do you have plans to allow private file attachments?

Edit: I tried to interact with the editor on the demo page you linked to above, but every time I try adding content the app freezes and crashes/times out. (Chrome Version 70.0.3538.110 64-bit MacOS 10)

Edit 2: On my 4th attempt to add an image it worked. Took about 45 seconds to unfreeze the editor for a 147kb PNG. I’m guessing it’s due to the plugin converting images to inline base64. Is this a performance issue with the plugin or the fact the demo page is on a hobby plan? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to decide if I should subscribe.

Edit 3: 26x5:17 layout_resizing_key failed to return after 30 seconds. seems to be the issue (appears in console) when testing in my browser. I’m going through and disabling extensions to see if there’s a conflict somewhere.


@philip I’m using this plugin in my app and have not experienced any delay in pasting an image. I also went to the demo site and do not show any delay in pasting or uploading an image. I’m using Chrome (v 71.x) on Windows 10.

I can say that @gaurav is extremely helpful when bugs are encountered and that he has been quickly adding new features that have been requested.

Even if you subscribe and decide it’s not going to work, you can unsubscribe.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m not trying to make it seem like the plugin is broken, only mentioning my experience. I didn’t see a support email so figured posting on the thread was the best path forward.

Hi @philip,

Sorry for the delayed response. Was away for the weekend. Regarding your questions related to image attachments:

  1. None of the images are stored on any external service. The images are stored in the text output as base64 format. So when you paste an image, it really gets stored in the text field where you save contents of the editor.

  2. I do have a plan to allow you to upload images to your own bubble app directly :smiley: Just testing a solution. I’m not comfortable hosting a server which will get your images as that would violate your image privacy.

  3. Regarding the image that took 45 seconds, that seems to be pretty unusual. I’ve pasted images 5-6 times the size before and that too is far quicker. Based on the error, it could be an issue with the ‘Enable image resizing’. Try disabling it to check if the speed is quicker. Also try on a new page / app if possible.



[New Plugin Updates] Dec 20, 2018

Just released an update to the plugin.
Now you can ‘Stretch to fit content’ the text editor. Enjoy :smiley:

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Awesome plugin (again), @gaurav!

I just have one issue with @mentions, because the dropdown options are not always visible for the user, depending on the height of the editor…

In this forum for example, we can see the @mention options because they come on top of the editor, not inside.


Yep yep I’m looking into this. :slight_smile:

New update to the plugin:

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This feature is added now

This is fixed. Please update:


Loving it. Noticed that border radious doesn’t work. It stays square.