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[Plugin Update: Oct 17, 2019] BDK Text Editor

Hi @bhage,
Can you DM me with a link to the editor so that I can try out on my end. Also a screen recording showing the bug would be a great help. Thanks!

hi @gaurav - I’m hoping you can help me with something - that might be a bit of a special use case.

My users are able to add new people to the app (i.e. invite people) which automatically gets added to the users list of available @mentions.

However, I’ve noticed that if the user adds a new person and they go back to create a post with an @mention they don’t show up yet. Only once the page gets reloaded do they show up.

I’ve tried clearing and setting the BDK text editor but this didn’t help.

Is there any other workaround that won’t involve reloading the users app everytime they add a new person?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @gaurav, how do i make the text editor recognise weblinks? thanks

Hi @gaurav, I’m having an issue where as I type, whenever I press enter to create a line break or delete to delete a line break, the screen skips down and I have to scroll back up to get to the point I was at. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you.

Hi @kball369,
Actually just posted about it couple of hours ago here: [New Plugin] Bdk Text Editor

Thanks! I switched off the Stretch to Fit Content and it’s fine now.

Hi, the plugin stopped working. @gaurav

Did anybody else encounter this?

This is what it looks like:

Hi @leehaber,
responded here:

Hello everyone,

Someone having dome bugs with BDK text editor plugin?
Cant show inital content and Bubble showing me some general bugs :

Can you DM more details. Looks like there is some issue with setup as shown by the 2 errors in the debugger.

Thank you @gaurav. Finally found the bug. I had another rich editor plugin installed on the same page and seems that Bubble or the plugins didn´t like that.

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