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[Plugin Update - Oct 9, 2019] 'Env' Environment Variables

That helps, I think what confused me is the fact that Set Env is an option in the backend workflow actions. Maybe this could be removed?

That’s weird… I have it set to a client-side plugin only… I can confirm this on my end too. Thanks for spotting @christo1!

@Bubble it appears this a bug with the plugin builder infrastructure. Client-side plugin action is showing up in Backend workflow. I’ve reported a bug (#11495).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any idea when the list function will be ready? I thought it could do this and solve my preloading issue for a single page app, this would make my app 10x faster.

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Hi @kevnobrega,
Don’t have an eta yet. I’ve recently been pretty inspired by Apple’s approach to programming and I think I’ll update this plugin to use that approach. This means rebuilding it from scratch so will take a fair amount of time. Eta is unlikely in the next month, but I’ll try to prioritise this.

Hi! Great plugin! How do I send a string variable from an HTML element to the env variable?

Would love to hear more about this approach, if you’re comfortable sharing.

The idea was to pre-load important data and be able to reuse it between different things without making more calls to the server. For example, I could have an env variable load a list of Clients and then use that env variable as the data source for multiple other elements. This could also be used to load info that will be needed later in the background to make the app appear faster.

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Very interesting, @kevnobrega. I’m actually taking a similar approach. Since this plugin doesn’t currently offer support for lists, you might consider doing what I’ve done. I am using JSON Machine Pro and the Simple JSONata plugins to load and query structured data. I’m actually storing the entire UI configuration for my SPA as JSON in an Env Variable and then using the Sudsy URL routing plugin (along with the two plugins mentioned before and a lot of conditional logic) to decide what gets shown on the page at any given time.