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[PLUGIN UPDATE] Wonderful Video&Image Slider V1.1 (Big update with lots of good news)

Hi, I’m trying to replicate the example (I’m interested about opening an external url) but the example refers to 1.1 ver and the actual 1.12 doesn’t show me " 's Hovered Index’s URL"
but just " 's Active Index" and " 's Clicked Index"

I’ve tried both options, but I’m not able got get it works.
Could you please give some update information about the actual plugin versione about opening an external url?

**** UPDATE: It opens an external URL, but by doublecliccking only. It’s a wep app, so it would be nice ho have it working with a single click. Thanks

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Hello @vincenzo.brienza1 !

Wonderful Slider plugin has free and paid options. Unfortunately, the free one does not have the “hovered index” feature. However, I want to help you further. Would you tell me which example you are trying to replicate?


I’m talking about this example (post 38)

I’ve just seen the paid version (and wouldn’t be a problem for me to pay for it :slight_smile: ) , but looking at it I see Double Clicked event only

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To slide the slider, it is necessary to drag the mouse by left clicking. In this case, using the one-click event will not be effective. In fact, this event is triggered even if we only want to slide, not click on a slide. To prevent this, Wonderful Slider has a double-click event instead of a one-click event.

But as you can see in the example, the workflow can be run with a single click. One way to do this is to put Wonderful Slider in a group and set up workflows through the group using Wonderful Slider’s hovered index feature.

If this example does not meet your needs, please contact again. I’m happy to help.


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@Efe it works fine, I simply missed to notice that the hovered index feature was in the paid version only.
Thanks for your support! :slight_smile

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Hi @eren and @Efe,

Moving questions to this thread from another post, as suggested. If this has been covered elsewhere, I apologize, but I got everything working except one part.

How do I have thumbnails under this component which correlate to the movements of this component? See picture:

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Hello @anthony2!

We have made a similar example before.

Is it meet your request? I will be happy If you take a look and notify me.



Is there any option to show the slideshow on fullscreen with x button on the corner top?


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Hello, @tomerlan5!

Unfortunately, there is no full-screen slideshow feature. However, you can create a second Wonderful Slider element with the same properties as the first. Just put it in a FloatingGroup or a Popup and show the second slider when the user clicks on an icon to see the slideshow in full screen.

I hope this helps you. Please reach out again if anything is unclear or if you need further assistance.


Hi @Efe and @eren ,

I just tried to save the '‘Active Index’ of a slider in a custom state after the workflow ‘A Slide changed’. I displayed the content of the custom state in a text element and it’s always the index of the previous slide. Is there a way to save the index of the slide it was changed to and not of the previous one?


Hello @bubble52 !

Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like Wonderful Slider’s active index is updated very shortly after the “Wonderful Slide is Changed” event.

I’ve 2 suggestions for you.

The first one, you can use “Wonderful Slider’s active index” expression instead a custom state.

The second one, If you are have to use a custom state, then add “add a pause before next action” before updating the state.

I hope this helps you!


Hi @Efe,

thanks for the help. It worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Can I also ask, is there a way to make a slider (added through the workflow) zoomable?
Also is there way to move to a specific index on the slider? The example you showed in a previous post makes the slider not zoomable.

Thanks again.

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Hello, @bubble52!

Glad it worked! :+1:

If you mark the “zoom” property of your Wonderful Slider element as “yes”, the slide that will be added with “Add a list” will be zoomable too.

Unfortunately, there is no action to go to a specific slide.

I hope I could help. :v:


Hi there, great plugin. Can you please add the ability to see the video time stamp, go back to earlier timestamp, go forward, pause at a timestamp (because we can show a popup at the time), and then continue playing… all as element actions? Would be amazing. More power for the video. Thank you, Dev

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Hello, @dev.admin!

Glad you like it!

Thank you for your feedback. Let’s see what we can do in the future.


Hello folks,

We added new effects!


Hey there,
I think was able to get everything to work the way I want it to, however when I enable Lazy Loading on the ‘Loading Slide/Screen’ (where the wheel rotates) on the top/middle part it says undefined. Do you know why it appears?

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Hi there,
very nice Plugin.

Is it possible to have a fixed image (not draggable) if there is only 1 image displayed? At the moment if you only have one you can drag it to the right/left as if it was the last/first image of a “list of images”.

(Or in general not let the user scroll past the last/first image)

Would make the UX better in my opinion.

Thanks in advance.


Hello folks, new version released! :raised_hands:

We focused on your feedback and released a new version.

The broken image icon won’t appear anymore while “Lazy Mode” property is turned on.

We added a new property into the plugin. Wonderful Slider will display the first item of the defined data list and cannot be slidable when “Disable Slide” is “yes”.

Special thanks to @bubble52 and @maze for your feedback. Please share your thoughts after trying these new features.

:pushpin: Don’t forget to upgrade the Wonderful Video & Image Slider plugin’s version in your app.


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Thanks a lot for the fast solution! :raised_hands:t3:

“Disable Slide” works perfectly. I use it with a simple condition (if count is 1).