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[PLUGIN UPDATE] Wonderful Video&Image Slider V1.1 (Big update with lots of good news)

Hello, @chris33!

In Bubble apps, the development database and the live database are seperated. You need to copy your development db to live db or create new data for live version.

To copy your database, go to “data” tab and click on the “Copy and restore database” text.

I hope it helps,

Hi - yes that is all in place. For simplicity in conversation, I am quite an advanced Bubble user, so safe to assume this isn’t likely due to simple issue.

In fact, the data we are using for this is completely identical between version-test and live DBs

I understand, I’m just trying to come up with a solution.

Frankly, I’ve never been notified of a problem like yours before. If there is no difference between the live and development versions, but if it works differently, I suggest you create a bug report.

Please inform me about the process.