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[PLUGIN UPDATE] Wonderful Video&Image Slider V1.1 (Big update with lots of good news)

Hi @RapidDev_Team any progress. It was a week ago that you said you were looking into it? Thanks!

Hi @RapidDev_Team do you plan to update the plugin to the new Responsive Engine? I have problems with the plugin in relation to the new Responsive Engine. I would like to have full-screen videos on different mobile devices, similar to TikTok.

Hi Yalcin! Yes, we are looking to implement responsive capabilities to plugins in the near future. We will let you know when that update is released!

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Hi @RapidDev_Team Thanks for fixing the earlier issue we were facing, the slider is working great.

On another matter, we would quite like to be able to add an image overlayed on the Slider Image to say something like “New” or “New episodes”. Please can you advise how we might do this? Or let us know if this is something you might consider adding to the dev queue? Thanks

Hi @andrew18, glad to hear you’re enjoying the plugin!

Regarding your request: The closest feature you can currently use to overlay some info on the images is the “Text List” value. The text will be displayed only on the elements with a “Text” data field.

But if this approach doesn’t work for you, we will look to add the feature to overlay images after the responsive capabilities are set!

Hi @RapidDev_Team . Thanks for the great job. I have an issue to create carousel, where will be possible to customize navigation dots, to have buttons. I need infinite carousel, that can be customized, to allow user click buttons to navigate corresponding slide. Like in the attached example.

Hi @RapidDev_Team the text list would be ok if we had a bit more control over how it displays on the slider. maybe with placement being able to be changed and other styling options like background.

Hi @RapidDev_Team, We are having some trouble with the loading time of the slider. It also loads in quite strangely. The slider we are using is a reusable element on the page and is loading slower than the other ones. It takes a while to appear at the correct size as it starts out small and grows to the correct size over a few seconds.

We think we fixed this by changing its layout from Left aligned to Fit Width. Thanks.

Hi @andrew18! Glad to know that the issue was resolved! Please do not hesitate to contact us over here or at [email protected] if you require any further assistance or encounter any other problems.

We are currently developing a number of updates for our “Wonderful Image Slider” & the “Wonderful Video&Image Slider” based on the latest requests. We will notify everyone as soon as the new release is available!

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Hi Everyone!

We want to share with all that today we released a new update to the “Wonderful Image Slider” and the “Wonderful Image&Video Slider” plugins with several new features:

  • Improved Responsiveness: We added a “Ratio” field on the element’s settings. This will allow users to maintain the same ratio on every screen.
  • “Slide To” Action: The plugin contains an action that will allow users to go to a specific slide on the element.
  • ALT Image List: If the element detects an unavailable image, users can now display an alternative image in its position.
  • “Append A Slide” Action: This new feature lets you easily add a new slide to the plugin and display it instantly. The new image will only show up for the current session unless you save it to the database. Then, it will always be part of your plugin.

We are diligently working on more enhancements for the plugins, such as the capability to superimpose one image on another and make them fully responsive. We are also creating a new element that will upgrade the plugins to a higher degree of simplicity and functionality. We will keep you updated on our progress.

just so you know, with the downgrade from hobby plans, your live version has vanished…
It would be nice if you adapt your version-test to preview the plugin