[PLUGIN] - VideoJS Advanced + YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HLS, DASH, MUX, Pre-roll Ads (plus more)

I have just purchased your plugin due to its advanced capabilities. I had also bought the earlier Videojs plugin from another creator, but it has issues with going to time codes and triggering events, so decided to give your version a try instead. With your version, I am having issues with Vimeo files not playing at all. I have four videos and only one plays. I have tried seeing if there are any differences between their privacy settings, but don’t see anything obvious. Am I missing something. The one that works, shows a video related right click menu including show controls (even though I have videoJS controls selected, I get nothing). The ones that don’t work has a black play button on the top right, which does not work and the contextual menu does not show any video related actions.