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[PLUGIN] - VideoJS Advanced + YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HLS, DASH, MUX, Pre-roll Ads (plus more)

Hello @pork1977gm,

I am trying to replicate your live subtitle screen:

But on my end, the caption is not displaying in the right order. Instead of bringing the caption from the cell index, it’s bringing like caption #4 on Cell #1, #10 on Cell#2, and so on. However, the start time and end time are showing up perfectly.

Have you seen this behavior before?


The MultilineInput caption element is within a group and that group has a data source on it. Do you have that?


Not that it looks like it’s being referenced! I’ll have to take a look at your app to figure it out.

Do you know if the data within the Subtitles captions (list) state are actually in the correct order if you just print them all into a text element?

Hello @pork1977gm,

Thank you so much for responding really fast! The Subtitles captions (list) are not pulling the data correctly.

On the left, you have the RAW VTT, and on the right, you have the Subtitles captions (list) in a text element.

Let me know if this is something that only an update can fix or if it’s with my bubble.

No probs,

Can you email me the vtt file - [email protected]
There’s something in it that’s breaking that part of it, I’ll figure it out and update the plugin for you (or we’ll fix up the vtt file as a temporary fix)

I just sent you an email. Thank you!

@marcus, this is now fixed, the issue was with the line breaks for which different formats are sometimes put in place. They’re now correctly being accounted for.
Taking snapshots in the player… because most things run client side with this plugin, when you try loading a video, which could potentially be hosted anywhere and try to capture a frame to load into a canvas, we run into a couple of browser security warnings. One could be a CORS issue and the other could be a Tainted Canvas error. Because of these errors I can’t find a way to do what you want right now but at some point I’ll come back to you, do a bit more research etc and let you know if I manage to find a way to do this!

@nfisher, the recorder page I mentioned before I’ve been working on over the last week so it’s probably been up and down a bit. Your question about the live viewers count I will try and find out about, I’m currently thinking about opening that test page up so that anyone can create a session and join a streaming session. I want to try and get a list of currently active sessions, the participants and if thelive viewers count is under 2 then someone can jump in but I need to figure out some more details first. I’ll try and keep you updated as I go through it.

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Fantastic plugin!

Can the video player inside an RG be set to play on hover? (in short, when a user hovers over the video in an RG, can that video play and not the others in the RG yet?)

If so, how?

Thanks in advance for the guidance :grinning:

Hi @cmarchan

Thanks. You can probably do it with a combination of states and conditions etc but it’s going to be easier if I just add that in as an option within the player for you.

If you can tell me how you want it to work… so do you want the video to play on hover and then pause on not hover? Or did it you just want to be able to play on hover and never pause on hover? Or some other combination? And do you want the new option made to be dynamic or are you happy with a checkbox to enable/disable it?

Let us know and I’ll add it in for you.

Hello @pork1977gm Paul!

Wow! Initially I thought that I would not be able to make this work and was about to find another solution. Now, I see that you could add this to the plugin. Awesome!

Please make it so that it plays on hover and it pauses on not hover. A checkbox in the property box of the plugin to enable this behavior would suffice :grinning:

When would this be ready?


Here you go, make a note of the description here since it could affect this option.


Hi @pork1977gm Paul!


I will test it in a few hours and report back :grinning:


Hi @pork1977gm !

Reporting back. :grinning:

It is working as expected! The client is going to be super happy!

Many thanks again!

With such prompt responses and going beyond what one expects … you can bet Paul that I will be recommending this awesome plugin going forward!

Ahhh fantastic! Glad it all works, happy to help and let us know if you need other things etc.

Hi @pork1977gm Paul!

Seems there is a little problem.

When I turn off the controls but activate the new hover option … the thumbnail does not show.

Ok, does the thumbnail show if you have the controls turned off and the the new hover option also switched off?

Yes it does. But the combination of “no” to the video controls and “check” on hover does not:

It was working well at first. Then later … nope

Damn it, I’ve obviously done something to upset it! Ok, leave it with me for the time being, I’ll test it out and figure out what’s going on. When you say “thumbnail” do you mean that you’re setting the Poster option in the player like here…


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When I said “thumbnail” is not what I meant. Sorry. I can see why this is misleading. I just meant the video as such.

As for the action on hover now is no longer working independent of the JS controls set to yes or no.

Fyi :+1:t2:

Ok no probs, so I’m testing it now with those combination of settings but it seems to work on my test page. Do you want to PM me the link to your Editor or send us a screenshot of all the options you have set in the player and I’ll see if I can replicate what you’re experiencing. I think there maybe another setting which is conflicting.