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[PLUGIN] - VideoJS Advanced + YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HLS, DASH, MUX, Pre-roll Ads (plus more)

Yes but it’s the player is a video player it would be nice if it was an audio player

It would be nice to hate an option in layout to check use as audio player and get a player like this or better, customizable. But anyway just that would be amazing.
Capture d’écran, le 2023-05-17 à 11.34.17

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So, the trick with that is to set the height of the player to make it look more rectangular than square, then enable the sound wave stuff after the audio file has loaded. There’s an action called “Toggle visual sound wave” have a play with it. This may help also…

In the image you put above, it won’t look like that I think, not without me playing around with code a little bit. But hopefully the sound wave will be ok for the time being?

Is it something you plan to do in the short term.

I don’t see the sound wave stuff… I’m not sure what setting to use for that, is there a guide or something that can help setting that?

Only the demo page I already linked. It’s not a job I plan to do in the short term I’m afraid, I’m too busy with other jobs but I will look into it at some point next week if I get time.

OK it would be great, it’s not a ruch of days for me so it you plan to do something in the next week it would be fantastic.


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over 2 years later this guy is still offering timely support jeez lousie man

5/5 plugin


You are absolutely right, this guy provides amazing support and updates his plugin regularly and he responds super fast to help us with any issues.

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Hi @pork1977gm, I just installed the plugin to play a Youtube video. I tried the plugin with a dummy video from Youtube and unfortunately there seems to be an issue, see screenshot - the video does not play. Can you please help me?

I don’t think that’s my plugin element!
Do you have multiple videoJS plugins installed?

Hey popping in for a random question, is there a way to make mp3 files look like I’m deliberately playing an mp3 file?

Like the plugin plays them perfectly, but naturally, the background is empty.

I believe I spent time trying to figure it out before but then got distracted with something else

(The comment that says audio is an mp3 file)

There’s a poster option and I believe a checkbox which allows the poster to remain visible whilst the media is playing, you could try those. Or play with the toggle sound wave action perhaps.

hi @rtanguay

I’ve had a look at doing what you want but have decided it’s a little risky right now, because I don’t want to break anything. However, it is possible to style the video player in a way whilst using bubble elements to make it look and feel like how you want it too.

Take a look at this page and preview it, hopefully it helps. It’s not perfect but it will get you started for sure. To make Bubble’s slider move as the media plays and to style that square handle to a nice circle one, will require a little JS on your page.

Paul-testing-4 | Bubble Editor


I understand and thanks for your exemple, I should be able to do what I need. It’s much appreciated.

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I see this when I try to use the Action to load a Video … :frowning_face:

run_debug.js:17 Action Load media file VideoJSPlayer A - The plugin VideoJS Advanced + MUX (All Media) / action Load media file a VideoJS Player threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function
at eval (PLUGIN_1608469100580x213930232373051400/VideoJS-Advanced—MUX–All-Media–element_action–VideoJS-Player-Load-media-file-.js:12:19)
at https://XXXXXX/package/run_debug_js/2183c3da174995a84e27e7ce9c786e06eda20ea7c861c8b4684b04cd7160a4ad/xfalse/x21/run_debug.js:17:2967156 (please report this to the plugin author)
{original_error: TypeError: is not a function
at eval (PLUGIN_1608469100580x213930232…, element_instance: null, action: t, code: ‘1685453572181x569325974675113600’}

Where in your workflows do you have that action running? Is it inside the Page is Loaded event or on a button click or something? That error normally occurs when the action runs before the video player is ready or has initialized. Maybe try putting the action into the “video player is ready” event.

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Makes sense. I am trying different things to get some videos to play (most do, one .mov won’t) (plays in the browser - loading the video from GCS - ie a signed URL - so providing the mimetype.)

I read this in the plugin

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 15.50.50

I’ve tried video/mp4 video/quicktime … have you any other advice on what I could do to get these videos to play in the plugin?

Thanks for a GREAT plugin by the way.

No problems, glad it’s being put to good use.
Typically, with .MOV files, they aren’t one of the supported HTML video types so if you can’t rely on the browser always being able to play it (unless you’re using Safarai since they’re an Apple thing).

If you’ve managed to get some to play, then you’ve more than likely just got lucky because the codec has been different. Throughout all my testing, the vast majority of those video types don’t play, it’s the reason I put in the convert video action in which uses CloudConvert to do the conversion using FFMPEG and return an MP4.

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I’ve basically rebuilt with your Plugin :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh wow… have you completed it yet?
I wanna see it!

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