[PLUGIN] - VideoJS Advanced + YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HLS, DASH, MUX, Pre-roll Ads (plus more)

Thanks for the feedback. I know Twitter is pushing hard on the video upload and live stream stuff so hopefully they open it up to third parties eventually.

Keep up the great work!

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Hi @pork1977gm , hope you are doing well. I just updated to the newest version (from 1.247) of your plugin and it’s acting really weird for me now.

When users click on an episode, the video used to start with the play video js workflow however that does not work anymore and users have to click on the play button to get the video started.

I got it working with the load media file workflow but for some reason that only works after the first video. I’m also seeing this in the error log, don’t know if it’ related

Bug in custom code TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'currentSrc')
    at HTMLDocument.eval (PLUGIN_1608469100580x213930232373051400/VideoJS-Advanced---MUX--All-Media--update--VideoJS-Player-.js:3:5193)
    at e (https://app.mydomain.com/package/pre_run_jquery_js/dee903a9e36db713e4c86d0cdd96d921e37be0c1293ed8dee29e2e4d7713b9ff/pre_run_jquery.js:2:30158)
    at t (https://app.mydomain.com/package/pre_run_jquery_js/dee903a9e36db713e4c86d0cdd96d921e37be0c1293ed8dee29e2e4d7713b9ff/pre_run_jquery.js:2:30460)
    at root (https://app.mydomain.com/package/pre_run_jquery_js/dee903a9e36db713e4c86d0cdd96d921e37be0c1293ed8dee29e2e4d7713b9ff/pre_run_jquery.js:2:31823)

Any idea what could be going on?


Ok thanks for letting me know. I’ll send you a private message and we’ll go through a few things and figure it out then get it fixed.


@pork1977gm this description of a recent update has piqued my interest…


I searched this forum post a bit but didn’t find anything exclusively about this.

Could you add some color as to what was done here?

Hi Tyler,

Sorry I should have documented that! So what that did, was to make sure all these time states were updated when the waveform was interacted with (clicked).

These are the states that get updated…

Current time (secs)
Current time (ms)
Current time (formatted)
Current time remaining (secs)
Current time remaining (ms)
Current time remaining (formatted)


Hey Paul. I have a slightly different setup where the Recording happens on one page and then the player is on another (where I ask the user to preview then “publish”). The user can reset the recording and re-record web cam content BUT I dont want every attempt to be sent to MUX, only the final version when they click "publish.

Any advise on how to change this (as its currently sending every initial recording)


Hi @brentgrainger

So to do that, you want to make sure the “mux upload url” in the recorder options isn’t set, then you can upload them like I do in this demo page. Hopefully it will help

Paul-testing-4 | Bubble Editor

Hi, @pork1977gm

My users need to dynamically set the device they’ll use to record the video (when they have more than 1), but currently, I can only do that if I set the device ID and refresh the page.
Even if I stop and re-start the video recorder it doesn’t change the device used. Is it possible to implement this?

Hi @lucas.moura

If you can give us a bit of time, I shall get back to you on this.
I’ll take a look and see what I can do.


recently subscribed to this plugin , must say is god tier plugin for videos
Bought for comment on video , is it possible to draw on videos as well something like frame.io
also do you have a list of mime type it supports ?, it will help me to allow users to upload only those files


Hi @divypratap73

The drawing is out of scope with this plugin I’m afraid, it would require a bit of work to do and not something I’m sure I want to add in right now, sorry :frowning:

There are a few additional MIME types that are added for the like of playing Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube, they are:

  • video/vimeo
  • video/wistia
  • video/youtube

Everything else, is standard browser supported types so you can refer here.
Video type parameters - WHATWG Wiki

If you happen to use one, and find that the video doesn’t play with it, then send me the MIME type and the URL then I can test further.

Hope that helps.

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thanks for prompt response :slight_smile:

Hi, is there any option to reset the video player? For cases like when a user inputs a video link and the player loads that linked video, then when the user removes that link from the input field, it shouldn’t show the same video.

The player should reset its state, or when a popup closes, the player should reset with no media file loaded. So, the next time a user opens a popup to add their link, it shouldn’t show the previous video that was already loaded; it should reset its state with nothing to load, using a blank media file.

For now, I am unable to find any reset player action or state anywhere. If there’s something already available and I’m missing it, please point me in the right direction. Many thanks.

Actually, I don’t think I put anything in like that, but leave it with me and I’ll see if I can do it today for you.


Hi @divypratap73

Have you dynamically set your ‘input element’s value’ to the media file options as shown below?


If you do that and then remove the URL from the input element, the video will unload.


Hi, it’s only working if the player is not playing any video. If a video is running and I change the input or empty it, it doesn’t reset when it should. Please check the example below:

Also, when the media file input changes to something it can’t play, like a Vimeo link, it simply plays the last played video, which it shouldn’t do. It should either refuse to play if it’s something it doesn’t support or give an error.

In my case, I am showing a video in a popup when a user inserts a URL. Sometimes, the user inserts a Vimeo link, direct mp4, YouTube, etc. What I want is for it to simply refuse to play if it’s something it doesn’t support, but don’t play the previously played video if it doesn’t support that link.

There should be a complete reset option for the player because the dynamic link in the media file isn’t working properly. If there’s a workaround, please let me know. Thanks.

In below image “nailing it” is vimeo link and another one is youtube link , on opening a vimeo link popup its showing last opened youtube video


Can you try the update I’ve pushed (v1.326.0).

It has some functionality in it that allows you to reset the player. There are 2 ways to do it.

You can either, select this option as shown below which will reset the player whenever an empty URL is fed in.

Or if the player is inside a group, then you can run Bubble’s “reset a group” action and the player will reset that way too.

Let me know how you get on.

You could also use Bubble’s event when the input element changes and run the “load media file” action instead of directly referencing the input dynamically in the plugin’s element. That may give you a little more control over what you’re trying to do.


Hi thanks for the update seems like its not working for me :frowning_face:
check my setup , showing a link in video player when popup open, and i am resetting popup when it closed , and i checked new option in player but look like reset isn’t working for me ;/


If you put the player into a group that’s within the popup and then target that group instead, does it work? This was how I tested it earlier but I didn’t test it by clearing the popup, I will do that a bit later and double check.

That “parent group’s Doer portfolio’s Project link” is definitely empty when you expect it to be right? Use the debugger tool to validate that (after you’ve run the reset popup action).

Hi yes that parent group is empty, i passed value to popup with respective project is clicked and when i close the popup its reset
i tried to reset video player group instead of popup , but nothing changed