[PLUGIN] - VideoJS Advanced + YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HLS, DASH, MUX, Pre-roll Ads (plus more)

I wonder if the video player is visible when it’s reset…
It might need to be. As a test, you could just throw a button in there, assign the reset popup action it but keep the popup open. If it works then at least we know why it’s happening!

i dm’d you for further resolution of this issue
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming the player reset update you mentioned also solves my problem?

Sorry Lucas, I forgot about your request.

The reset was just for the player so it won’t do anything with the recorder unfortunately, but I will check the actions and get it working for you. I’m away for the weekend so not got my laptop with me but I’ll get onto it as soon as I’m back.

Have you checked through all the actions? I can’t remember if I added a device change action, I would have though I would have but if not then that’s what I’ll add when I’m next back.


Hi, we’ve been using the VideoJS MUX Plugin, on Snapshot mode, the plugin refuses to switch the screen to front camera mode, in remains on the Selfie screen. Is this an option that the plugin supports? If not, are you able to make the update please. Thanks.

Hi, I shall take a look when I get a bit of time next and see what I can do.

Hi @kavuma

The problem was to do with this:
Can’t switch between webcams in image-only mode · Issue #643 · collab-project/videojs-record (github.com)

I’ve made some adjustments and pushed a new version of the plugin. In the “set video device” action now lives an addition setting which looks like this…


Set that to Yes and it should now swap camera devices.


@pork1977gm Do we need to do anything to make the recorder work on safari?

Excellent video, I shall jump on that in the morning. Leave it with me for a bit and I will get back to you. Will try not to keep you waiting too long.

Hi Paul,
please find the link below to show our process.

The bug has been fixed, they’ll be an update today. It was around media constraints, Safari was handling the resolution slightly diffeently.

Thanks a lot Paul.

@lucas.moura @kavuma

I’ve pushed the update. The recorder will now work in Safari on mobile and Mac.
The swapping of the cameras should also be ok now on mobile.
You can refer to this page here which should help:
Paul-testing-4 | Bubble Editor

The snapshot images are quite small, I need to take a longer look at how to configure them. It’s to do with the configuration of video frames rather than the size of the outputted image.

Don’t forget to set the state in your previous video!
Let me know how you get on

Hey there. Seem to be struggling w/ this Google Drive one a bit.

VideoJS plugin has the right content:

The sharable link plays great in an incognito window.

The file is > 100MB.

I’ve created an API key.

And added it to the plugin page.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Video flat out won’t play. Just a blank box w/ a play button that doesn’t do anything.

Appreciate any help!

Do I need to do anything with OAuth, even though we’re not using it here? If so, what do I need to set up specifically?

It plays other videos just fine (i.e. YouTube).

If you open the dev tools and check the Console tab, are there any errors in there?
Do you have the URL to the page which I can load on my laptop and try it?

Hi Paul,
yes, the update ironed out the issues. Thank you.
We have this little problem, please see the link below with a video recording of the issue.


Hmm. Looks like there is.


The page is behind a login with sensitive information, so I can’t provide it directly. Let me see if I can figure something out though.

EDIT: DMing you a link that shows a YouTube video working and a Google Drive video not working.

Thank-you again for the help.

@pork1977gm this is incredible, spent over 30 hours trying to find a solution. is it possible to do a walkthrough or a paid coaching call with you? my email is denis@denvagroup.com

Of course, I’ll PM you